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Posted by weberandgrahn on October 5th, 2021

It is impossible to survive at home without a refrigerator. Food storage and keeping drinking water and various juices ready for consumption make refrigeration in Southampton and Hamptons necessary. Moreover, one can also preserve dairy and other perishables for a pretty long time. Storing wine is slightly different, however. One would consider investing in a special wine refrigerator to keep the expensive liquor intact and fit for consumption. It is no surprise to find many wine connoisseurs buy a second fridge for storage of wine. Purchasing the same kind of refrigerator is not recommended. Instead, one needs to think about specialized storage that will keep the quality of wines undiminished.

Many individuals are a trifle perplexed on learning that the two types of fridges differ in some of the features. The ultimate objective is to store wines at the correct temperature. So, what makes wine refrigeration different? It is essential to check the related facts about wine storage and refrigeration basics before agreeing to spend a good amount of money. Some of the things that need to be understood include considering the following aspects:-

Temperature- The temperature inside the wine fridge is not too low. Instead, t ranges between 40 to 65 degrees F so that the wine bottles can remain cool but do not freeze over.

Humidity- This type of fridge does not eliminate the moisture from the air completely. The wine remains well preserved when there is a hint of moisture in the air. The bottle stoppers or corks do not become too dry when stored in 50% to 80% humidity. The labels on the bottles remain perfect, with the year being easily visible as well.

Vibration- Shaking and jostling the wine bottle can affect the quality of wine adversely. Wine refrigerators are thus manufactured to conform to thermoelectric cooling that reduces the vigorous movement from the fridge\'s compressor. A few models are equipped with an anti-vibration system that eradicates the movement.

Selection of the best refrigerator suited to the purpose of storing wine is not too challenging today. The prospective consumer can easily find the perfect fridge by noting the following features:

Capacity- Homeowners do not need to spend money on yet another refrigerator. However, individuals with a bar installed in their homes or restaurants find it convenient to have separate storage dedicated to wines and other alcohol-based drinks. The fringes come in a fantastic variety of capacities, with the largest one capable of storing up to 300 bottles at a time. A business owner needs to think about the future and eventual expansion before settling for a small-sized refrigerator.

Shelving- It is most important to check the type of shelves inside the refrigerator before deciding on one finally. Most wine bottles fitted with traditional corks have to be placed horizontally. It makes sense to check whether a bottle can lie on its side when stored inside.

Contacting a professional HVAC technician to install and repair air conditioning in Smithtown and Islip ensures comfort during the hot summer months.

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