Excel Spreadsheet VLOOKUP: Applications and Examples

Posted by Wilbur Omar Chua on October 6th, 2021

People who just started out using spreadsheets like Excel usually have these questions: “How to use VLOOKUP Excel from sheet to sheet?” or “What do you mean Excel Spreadsheet VLOOKUP?”. As new functions in Excel are becoming more popular, we have to start with what most people use before these new functions were introduced, which is the Excel Spreadsheet VLOOKUP. Functions such as XLOOKUP, combinations of Index and Match are more convenient now, but when these functions were not yet as popular, the need to know how to use VLOOKUP Excel From sheet to sheet was definitely the main thing to learn in handling datasets.

Now, on the page we will share, we’re here to discuss how to use VLOOKUP (from sheet to sheet or not) to find and match the value you want to find. Also we will also discuss updated and better versions of VLOOKUP in Excel so that you also know how to use other functions that will find the value you are looking for. 


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