Dropshipping Done Right: A Case Study from Dark Horse Marine

Posted by bella emile on October 6th, 2021

Are you interested in UK dropshipping?

As eCommerce grows, more and more people are starting dropshipping businesses. Tough people start their dropshipping business with the hope of success, everybody does not get the same result from it. Some might become successful while some might face failure. We often give more focus to the success stories and dream to become successful like them.

Do you know the reason behind their success?

Nowadays, there are a huge number of popular online stores that have succeeded because of their business plan, marketing and unique selling strategies. They can become a role model for us because we can learn a lot from their strategies for growth. One such example is Dark Horse Marine that has made a place on the top of the list of successful online businesses. Well, one of the reasons Dark Horse Marine become so successful is because they use dropshipping business model in the right way.

No matter what you are new to UK dropshipping or trying to market better, Dark Horse Marine’s best strategies will definitely give you some inspiration.

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Now let’s have a brief discussion on How Dark Horse Marine use Dropshipping business model?

Well, there are many people who will never need to purchase a stainless-steel fortress anchor in their lifetime. Therefore, many sellers will not consider selling anchors or other marine stuff. But the people who are out on the water will definitely need many marine stuff. Now the question is where to find those necessary marine stuff?

Well, the answer is at Dark Horse Marine. Do you have any idea about Dark Horse Marine?

Dark Horse Marine is very popular a niche vendor that sells all sorts of marine stuff and camping products. Rather than limiting themselves to common products, Dark Horse Marine choose to sell all sorts of rare marine stuff. Their speciality is they provide complete boating solutions. You can name anything that you will ever need to be completely equipped while out on the water or going on a camping trip, you will find them at Dark Horse Marine.

When you are out on the water the first thing you want to make sure of is whether your boat equipment is up to par or not. Founded in 2014 in the US, Dark Horse Marine is still at your service to provide you top quality boating parts and tools. the founder of this company is Bobby Mateo and he has more than 40 years of experience serving the whole boating and marine community. Their customers are also very thankful towards them as they can find everything- from watersport equipment to boat-based entertainment systems to cartography tools on one site.

Dark Horse also sells on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Jet.

Robert Matos, the president of this company stated that they use dropshipping business model to conduct about 10% of their whole business. According to him, they only stock at their warehouse all kinds of ropes and chains that are used to create anchor rods. Except for ropes and chains, they dropship all other products directly to their customers. Here you will find many Dropshipping Suppliers UK with thousands of unique products.

Now the question is why did Dark Horse Marine choose dropshipping business model for their company? What do you think?

To answer this question that why they use dropshipping business model, Matos cited the reasons given below:

  • Test out new products: Dark Horse always tries to keep a proper balance between marine electronics and equipment. As it is impossible to predict what types of “marine products” his customers want therefore they use experimentation as their sales strategy. Dropshipping allows them to test out new products. 
  • High maintenance products: Large and heavy items require a high cost to store and ship. Just because a product is a perfect fit for the ocean doesn’t mean it will fit your warehouse too. One such product is Anchor, which is the perfect example of a heavy product. Like anchors, their other boat outfitting equipment are either large or cumbersome. So Dark Horse applies the dropship strategy here. Rather than storing high-maintenance items, Dark Horse dropship these items to cut storage and shipping costs. They can reinvest this money into marketing campaigns.

The Dark Horse also faced difficulties with shipping logistics. 

But Matos further explained they could overcome all the problems because he found excellent suppliers. It is one of the reasons why dropshipping worked successfully for his company.  

Although he is working with two suppliers at this moment, he is looking for more suppliers.

While choosing suppliers Dark Horse mainly gives priority to those suppliers who are very professional and keep the products well-protected specially electronic products. 

Well, that is a really important lesson for any eCommerce brand to learn- your success of dropshipping business largely depends on how you choose your suppliers.  In Getshop Today you will find many UK based suppliers from whom you can source products with one-click process.

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