Where and How Can You Find Authentic Organic Food

Posted by David Bryan on October 6th, 2021

Organic food is high in demand among vegans because of its nutritional benefits. They contain fewer pesticides and fertilizers. Many brands use the term \"organic\" to sell food products like gluten-free sprouted bread to attract health-conscious buyers.

So, where and how should you find authentic organic food? Keep reading to learn the same.

Where Can You Buy Genuine Organic Food?

Many supermarkets and online stores sell premium quality organic food grown by licensed farmers. The sellers handle everything from the seed plantation, packaging to the product delivery. They know how to maintain the purity of organic food by combating chemical contamination

So, now you know where to buy vegan food of your choice. But do you know how you can find organic food?

Follow the tips below:

Check the Label

Organic labels reflect crops grown with less hazardous fertilizers and pesticides grown without implementing chemicals, hormones, and drugs. Manufacturers apply proper rules to process products like gluten-free sprouted bread. When the bread is organic labeled, the finished product does not contain additives and chemicals.

Research Organic Food

Extensive research always helps you to gather knowledge on everything. So, you should research organic food before paying for them. For instance, genuine organic products in the US are authorized by an agent and are liable to implement the USDA Organic Seal, which is green most of the time but can also be black.

Many organic brands position the organic seal on their products. Such a seal indicates that the product contains 95-100% organic elements. Products containing 95% organic ingredients are allowed to use the term \"organic\" on their packaging.

See the PLU Codes

PLU codes are numbers printed on stickers that identify the products during the grocery store checkout. Organic PLU codes contain 5 digits where the first digit is 9. Non-organic products have PLU codes of 4 digits, where the first digit is 4.

All organic food suppliers don\'t label products as \'organic\" as they are not certified. They grow fewer crops every year, and thus, they don\'t invest in getting certified.  You can find genuine organic products at regional farmers\' markets and firms or via a Community Supported Agriculture program, but their products may not be organically sealed.

Marketing Practices

Organic sales are increasing rapidly, which is favorable for suppliers but not beneficial for customers who want genuine products.

Many brands that implement green marketing tactics label products with the term \"organic\" even if they are not. Buy organic food from a store that follows stringent labeling rules. Find out the marketing practices followed by suppliers to understand the authenticity of the products. Ask the sellers if they control pests and use chemicals or fertilizers for the same purpose and purchase accordingly.

Bottom Line

With the availability of so many organic food suppliers globally, it gets tough to understand the market. So, you should know where to buy vegan food from. To find the most authentic food, follow the tips mentioned above.

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