Senate Sanctions Biden’s Pick to Work as US Citizenship and Immigration Services

Posted by Berd & Klauss, PLLC on October 7th, 2021

President Biden picked Ur Jaddou as the new director of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services. Despite the US Senate confirming her new position; conservatives and republicans strongly opposed her nomination. The majority of the Senate is composed of Democrats.

The votes resulted in 47 to 34 to approve Jaddou’s nomination. She is the first woman to lead the USCIS, and she has the relevant experience since she has also served as the chief counsel for the same agency during Obama’s administration. A lot is expected of Jaddou as Biden continues to change his predecessor’s immigration policies!

Who is Ur Jaddou?

Since 2018, she has been the director of DHS Watch, an immigration watchdog group and an arm of America’s Vote; a progressive organization. She is a native of California and a daughter of Mexican and Iraqi immigrants. As director of the USCIS, she will be in charge of administering the immigration and naturalization system of the country. The agency’s responsibilities include processing applications for refugee status, green cards, asylum, and naturalization, and immigrant visa applications.


Ur Jaddou’s nomination by Biden was strongly opposed by some conservative groups and Republicans. At a confirmation hearing in May, Iowa’s Senator Chuck Grassley was concerned about Jaddou’s claims that the USCIS has the authority to provide parole to immigrants who enter the country by unlawful means.

In a letter sent to senators in June, the conservative Heritage Foundation said that Jaddou was responsible for a series of actions that caused the current crises at the US-Mexico border when she was the USCIS chief counsel and part of the President’s transition team. Jaddou also helped make initiatives like the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program during Obama’s time, and Biden’s 100-day moratorium on deportations.




How can Jaddoue help USCIS?

According to those who oppose her nomination and appointment, Jaddou has demonstrated a track record of undermining immigration laws and encouraging illegal immigration. However, she is backed by Democrats, trade groups, and immigrant advocates. Her experience and knowledge can be critical in stabilizing the financial challenges of the USCIS, providing more consistency to the stakeholders of the agency, and reducing its backlogs.

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