Teeth Whitening Session: What To Expect?

Posted by Lucy petterson on October 8th, 2021

Teeth whitening southeast London is a good option if you want a whiter smile. It is practical, safe, and easy to use. All factors to consider are the costs, your living patterns, and whether an in-office complete treatment or a bespoke take-home tray is the best option.

Methods Of Professional Whitening

For teeth whitening, hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide are the two most often utilized ingredients. Because these bleaching chemicals include oxygen molecules, they work differently from whitening toothpaste, which employs an abrasive component to remove surface-level stains.

There are several OTC whitening products on the market, and many of them include peroxide in some form. The chemical content of these vs those used in professional tooth whitening differs.

While it is more expensive, in-office professional teeth whitening is the fastest method to whiten your beautiful whites. On the other hand, custom take-home trays lie somewhere in the middle between in-office and over-the-counter whitening treatments in terms of time and expense.

In-Office Whitening Procedures Come In A Variety Of Forms:

A syringe filled with a very concentrated hydrogen peroxide gel.

It is a mixture of hydrogen peroxide with a bright light such as LED, UV, or halogen. A laser or bulb shines a light on your teeth from outside your mouth.

According to research published in the Journal of Conservative Dentistry in 2016, halogen and laser light improved tooth whitening more than hydrogen peroxide alone. People who had had therapy with halogen or laser light for three weeks maintained their white teeth color, whereas those who had not received treatment with light experienced \"shade rebound\" after only two weeks, in which their originally brightened teeth turned darker in color as time passed.

However, other research indicates that employing a laser or lamp instead of a whitening gel has no advantages.

Apart from the fact that it works, is prolonged exposure to light harmful to your teeth? Using LED light-accelerated technology, research published in 2020 in Materials showed that tooth cells recovered quickly, indicating that most adverse effects are \"temporary and transitory.\"

Custom Take-Home Trays vs In-Office Whitening

Under the guidance of an emergency dentist south east London, both at home and in-office, teeth whitening is safe and effective. However, there are a few key distinctions between the two.


There\'s a significant price difference between custom, take-home trays, over-the-counter trays, and other home whitening treatments, but custom trays are less costly. They usually cost between 0 and 0. On the other hand, in-office whitening may cost anywhere from 0 to ,000.

What about the cost of dental care? Dental insurance does not cover teeth whitening since it is a cosmetic procedure.


Depending on the severity of your stains and teeth whitening southeast London dentist\'s opinion of how many shades whiter your teeth can become, your dentist can typically finish in-office whitening procedures in one or two visits. It\'s not uncommon for sessions to go anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes at the maximum. Wear your custom-made take-home trays for a month at a time while you wait. Even after in-office whitening, teeth whitening southeast London dentists may suggest using a custom-fit tray for touch-ups for best results.


Tooth whitening is only effective for a certain period. To maintain your teeth white for as long as possible, you\'ll want to take every precaution. For best results, stick to a strict dental care regimen, avoid brightly colored meals, coffee, red wine, and soda, and use touch-up treatments available over-the-counter, say, experts.

There\'s no way to know which treatment will last the longest, but regularity is critical with bespoke trays. At-home trays may be worn regularly for three to five years, while an office visit may take one or two sittings to complete. Since your dentist may prescribe a professional-grade whitening solution for use at home in a reusable dental tray for touch-ups, your teeth\'s whiteness after utilizing trays may remain longer.

Questions TO Ask Your Dentist Before Getting Teeth Whitened

Whether or not your teeth-whitening results are as white as you want depends on several variables. To begin with, whitening agents are unable to reach deep into the mouth and remove plaque and tartar accumulation. Additionally, whitening treatment on a tooth with a cavity or exposed roots may result in pain and sensitivity. Before undergoing in-office teeth whitening, make sure you get a complete physical exam and expert cleaning.

When it comes to some regions of your teeth, the whitening chemical may not be effective. Teeth whitening south east London dentists can check for these problems.

  • Past dental work, such as a porcelain crown or a composite filling

  • Trauma that darkened the dentin, the inner layer of your tooth

  • Antibiotic tetracycline exposure during tooth development

To Sum It Up

It\'s hard to deny the allure of a pearly-white smile. Americans spend almost billion each year on tooth whitening to keep their smiles dazzling. Tooth whitening is one of the most popular dental treatments performed each year. You can contact The Mindful Dentist - https://www.mindfuldentist.london/ if you want to improve the appearance of your smile.

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