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Posted by John Smith on October 8th, 2021

Today, Dating Apps such as love lock bridge are a relatively common way to find a partner. Even during confinement, both apps and social networks were used to meet people and have sex.

The use of social networks (such as Instagram or Facebook) to flirt did increase during confinement: from 32.16% to 40.9%. Not even COVID-19 has slowed the advance of these apps.

Flirting with a person in the real world implies meeting through a friend, at work, or in a social gathering and seeing what emotions (joy, disgust, sadness ...) we experience when dealing with her.

As in the rest of the orders of life, we must deal with all these emotions, not just some. Doing it through an app or a website eliminates certain initial discomforts, but they always end up appearing\", says the expert. \"Once that person is known, the computer programs
are put aside.\"

Tips to find love in apps and websites:

The expert also points to some tips to consider before looking for a partner online using apps like virtual love lock.

- Reflect on one\'s own needs.
- Filter apps and websites until we find the one that best suits us.
- Not looking for a partner out of necessity, but out of desire. The ideal position would be to think: \"My life is going well, but it would improve with a partner.
- Publish an honest profile and discard many outsiders before deciding.
- Thinking that life is about more than finding a partner and that the traditional systems of meeting someone to start a relationship should coexist with the new ones, not replace them.

The risks of \'online dating\':

Of course, first, you have to be clear about what you are looking for in the relationship. If specific encounters or a stable coexistence.

In the latter case, interacting with someone online can help you get to know them better before taking the step of meeting physically.

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