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Posted by Snack Shack on October 9th, 2021

Women are very hard working. They are the most caring, most flexible and dependable beings in this place we called Earth. Being a mom and a school counselor is a challenging and exhausting job. It’s a job that makes me happy but leaves my mind exhausted and my body aching. I have a 9 year old daughter. She is lovely. But she loves spending time with me more instead of her dad. She thinks that since she is a girl, she should always spend time with her mom. She asks me to drive and pick her up from school, her classmate’s house, and her ballet classes. I love my daughter and I love doing it for her. But there are just days wherein you want to get more time just to sit and relax.


I am the school counselor of a prep school. I have to face different students everyday. I need to monitor and address all their needs. I need to make outlines for reports needed by the headmaster to present to both the board and the parent’s of the students. It was like this everyday of every week, every month of the school year. 


Summer was coming in fast, and I couldn’t really wait. I was ready to take on a relaxing day. Just myself enjoying things I like. After the last bell for this year rang, I went home immediately. I prepared everything for a warm bubble bath. I put my bag down in my closet and looked at my bed and saw a pink teddy bear. I froze for a second. I forgot that I needed to pick up my daughter. I ran downstairs. Got the keys to my car and was about to go outside when I bumped into my husband. He was shocked by the collision while asking me why I was in a hurry. I told him about forgetting to pick up our daughter, Sunny. He laughed. He told me, teasingly, that I asked him earlier that day to pick her up. He said I might’ve forgotten that I called him. I broke into tears. I told him how bad I felt and how selfish I thought I was for remembering the hot bath and forgetting about Sunny. 


He pulled me to the couch. He wiped my tears and looked at me closely. He gave me a reassuring smile. He held my shoulders and told me that I am in a dire need for a girls night out. He wanted me to let loose and have fun to take all the tension away from me. He said he’ll take care of everything. He drew my bath and before I knew it, I was fast asleep. The following morning, I woke up from a wonderful slumber. I had a very good night\'s sleep. I went to my daughter’s room and saw that she was sleeping in. I hear laughter downstairs so I head there. I saw 2 of my high school best friends all dressed casually. There were 2 bags with them. My husband said I should get ready for me to start the day with Kim and Jesse. 


While taking a shower, flashbacks of my highschool life came back to me. The parties and the roadtrips Kim, Jesse and I had were playing like a broken record over my mind. We loved to buy exotic pop sodas for sale. We loved heading down to the beach to enjoy the Cheetos snacks near me and my apartment. We used to go to different stores just to complete our list on buying our favorite exotic drinks and snacks. My favorite would probably be the exotic candy and soda. Kim’s favorite was the chocolate chip cookies while Jesse enjoys getting all the different flavors of exotic pop. I finished my shower and head downstairs.


I went to my daughter’s room again and kissed her on her forehead and left. I walked out of the house and in front was a jeep parked in our driveway. It was Kim’s. He said that I was in for a wonderful day. We went to the spa. I was in heaven. We got our nails done. It was so perfect, it was relaxing, it was the best experience I had so far. We left the spa and it was around dinner time. They told me that Girls night out was just starting and that we need to pick up someone. 


We drove back to my house and I saw my daughter. She was waiting for us. She had a cute back pack. I gave my husband a kiss goodbye and thanked him so much for today. The four girls left. We drove, just the 4 of us. Jesse was telling Sunny all the fun things we used to do back in highschool. She told my daughter how it was our thing to buy snacks along the road and going to the beach to count the stars in the sky in the middle of the night. 


We googled the best place to buy exotic snacks fort Lauderdale fl and found Snack Shack Drive Thru. It was like a trip to memory lane. They had everything. They have exotic pop, exotic snacks, chocolate chip cookies, cream cheese cookies and exotic sodas. It was like a candy store for Sunny.  We bought all the snacks and drinks we wanted and headed straight to the beach. We watched the stars. It was me and my daughter cuddling while looking at the stars. It wasn’t the fun and reckless nights Kim, Jesse and I used to have. We\'re all mothers. We were responsible, hardworking and loving. I’m so happy that I got the chance to enjoy a girls night out with my daughter. We got home that night with my daughter fast asleep. My husband carried her to her bed where we both kissed her. I realized that the time I have now with her is something she can go back to everytime she needs to.

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