Can the doll be used by more than one person?

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In today\'s rapid social development, the pace is too fast and people are under increasing pressure. Some are busy with work, some don\'t have time to fall in love, and some have too much contact with the opposite sex. In this case, you can buy a living sex doll to solve your sex life. Unlike inflatable dolls, the advantage of RealDoll is that it has realistic simulation skins, realistic faces and bones, so you are free to imagine your favorite poses that are very attractive.?????

With a real love doll anime as a company, people in a lonely life are really warm. Many people live alone all year round for work or other reasons, but even under pressure they cannot ventilate and can affect their bodies for extended periods of time.

We have collected some answers to this question.

A person who has a strong sexual desire even if he / she does not have a girlfriend or a marriage partner.
Mr. Ashigaya feels lonely living alone.
Some women live alone and buy male dolls to prevent crime so they can be seen from the outside.
People who lose their daughter in an accident or illness buy something of similar age.

I heard that people with disabilities have certain needs.

Except for H purpose ... That\'s right
An old man who married his daughter in China

Can a real doll be used by more than one person?
In fact, the Petit Sex Doll Top Sino is used by many people, but if not handled properly from the standpoint of disinfection safety, many people will be infected. Now, buy a realistic doll that is also a personal privacy item. After all, many people don\'t use it very often. For personal health, it is best not to use multiple people together.????? ????

Therefore, to improve the user experience, Karon Duo Idol Factory does not hesitate to raise costs and use materials that meet EU standards to ensure the health of the user. I don\'t want to buy a doll just for sex, but when I\'m alone, I hope to be alone with the ever-changing elves.

I\'m a happy married 30 year old man living in the suburbs of New York and have a beloved female sex doll. A year ago, my wife moved to the UK for a better career opportunity. She may make phone calls, video calls, or (rarely) meet physically, but never experience the same level of happiness. I love her wife so much that I can\'t refuse to see her wife leave me. Just thinking about her migration to the UK made her feel frustrated, depressed and anxious.

She came up with the unique idea of ??being with her when she was absent. She bought me the sexiest silicone doll in Japan. I can\'t replace my love for my wife, but her wife fulfilled my sexual desires like my wife and made me understand that she would be her true partner. Today I fell in love with her wife\'s choice. Whenever we meet, we like to use your doll in the bedroom.

Therefore, if you plan to buy a silicone love doll rental, share my experience with how these dolls provide sexual satisfaction.

1. Know your sexual orientation

Life-sized love dolls offer the ultimate in sexual pleasure by accurately understanding your tastes. Adult dolls, whether they like to stab their pussy or have anal sex, prioritize their tastes over attachments and satisfy their sexual desires.

2. Soft skin

It\'s very exciting to touch the beauty. Real little sex dolls are made of silicone or TPE material and feel very soft. You can\'t tell the difference between real girl skin and real silicone doll skin. Your doll may have more skin than your girlfriend or wife.

3. Dolls are for satisfying your sexual desire. Therefore, they have flexible joints that can help you try different gender positions that you have always wanted to try. Therefore, if you are tired of trying the most common poses such as missionary, doggy, cowgirl, you should try the new doll style sex positions.

4. Add fun to your bedroom life

In my experience, sex dolls are the best way to add fun and interest to your life. When my wife bought a gorgeous Japanese sex doll with a love model, I didn\'t know how these dolls could improve our sex life. But to my surprise, it helped me and my wife experience 10 times more sexual pleasure than before. Trio is one of the activities we like to play with dolls.

5. Embark on an exciting journey with sex doll parts

If you want to have fun while traveling, bring a love doll with her loli parts. If you can carry the entire doll, you can carry a removable vagina or sex doll torso wherever you are, satisfying its perfection and sexual desire. You can have sex with the doll at any time in your car or hotel room.

Like my wife and I, dolls allow you to enjoy a heavenly sexual experience. bring it on!

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