5 Tips To Grow Social Media Followers For Business

Posted by Anil Sharma on October 9th, 2021

Social media is about followers only! Yes, that\'s a fact.

But followers are beneficial only when they are genuine. Some people buy fake followers to show off the high number of followers but this doesn\'t provide any value to your business.

You need to understand that your followers are your future customers. Not all of them but at least some of them can be your customers. And if you have heard about \'retargeting\' then you will understand the importance of genuine followers.

On Facebook, you can target your followers for your new product/service. If you have bots or fake followers then there is no point in showing them the ad. But, if you had genuine followers you might have gotten some new customers. That\'s something that people don\'t understand.

That\'s why it\'s important to hire a social media marketing agency in India that focuses on the quality of followers rather than the number of followers.

Here are a few tips for you to grow your genuine social media following:

1) Organize Contests: People like to be kept engaged. They don\'t like to follow a dead page that gets active 1 or 2 times a month. They want some activity every day and if that involves their participation then that\'s beneficial for a page on social media. Regular contests can help you gain a lot more engagement that would drive more followers to your page.

Some of the most trending contest ideas could be:

a) Answer a question or the best comment wins
b) The image with the most comments/likes would win
c) The best caption for the post wins
d) Ask the commentors to fill in the blanks

You can use the story feature on social media platforms for various contests, quizzes as that drive more engagement.

2) Impactful Image/Video: A blank and plain post is not something your followers wait for. They want to be amazed in 2 seconds and this can\'t be done by a text or something plain. The competition is high in content and everyone is creating something new every day. So, you can\'t just leave back and go ahead with plain text. That\'s never going to get you, followers.

Here are some facts by HubSpot:

a) Content with relevant images rack up 94% more views than content without images.
b) Compared to other types of content, visual content is more than 40x more likely to get shared on social media.
c) Instagram photos showing faces get 38% more likes than photos without faces.

3) Moment Marketing: The current times are the times of buzz. From a brand to a creator to a creative digital agency in India, everyone wants to hop on the trend and create something. And people love to see that content. It is quirky and witty. The social media platforms algorithms also boost this kind of post more. So, keep an eye on what all is going on around you and which is relevant to your target audience.

4) Collaborations: Social media is not a place to compete. Various businesses there are not there for a battle with each other. It\'s a community that helps everyone grow together and that\'s why you should always look for collaborations. Not only it helps you create connections but also it helps get more followers if you collaborate with someone whose target audience is similar to yours.

5) Paid Ads: Social media is highly populated these days. The organic reach is not much now. If you are dependent on organic reach then it will take some time for you to get many followers. But with a smart investment in ads, you can reach your target audience and turn them into followers. Don\'t boost any posts like that will get you only engagement and likes. To get followers you\'ll have to keep the CTA as \"View Profile\".


You can get started today by getting in touch with a social media marketing agency in India that will define a proper follower strategy for your brand.

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