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Posted by John Smith on October 9th, 2021

It is no doubt that many of us will always include fresh vegetables in most of the dishes that we take. Do we stop to ask ourselves why we do that? There are many nutrients that are carried by vegetables, and they help make our bodies healthier and protects them from diseases. The following are some of the benefits that accrue to us who love vegetables.

Benefits of fresh vegetables

Eating vegetables that contain potassium is good for blood pressure. An example of such vegetables is spinach, and the nutrient from them is responsible for lowering blood pressure. Additionally, the body is protected from other malfunctions like kidney stones and loss of bone.

Vegetables contain high fiber content. Fiber helps the body to avoid health problems like constipation, since it ensures smooth running of our digestive system. It is also vital in reduction of risk of heart disease and obesity.

Cholesterol is one substance that everyone wants to avoid by all means. One way of ensuring that the body is free of that substance is including more vegetables in are diet than other foods that contain cholesterol.

It is important sometimes to lower our calorie intake. One sure way of making this achievable is by eating lots of vegetables, because they contain small amounts of calories. Faced with a condition whereby we are required to reduce calories, like lowering of body weight, then this option proves handy.

Fresh vegetables like mustard greens contain vitamin A that is important in prevention of skin problems like acne, and scaling that may result on the skin, and others like Keratosis.

The skin also benefits greatly from the intake of vegetables that contain Vitamin E and beta- carotene. The nutrient has oxidizing properties that prevent the skin from the UV rays that come from the sun. This radiation can be harmful since it can cause skin cancer. The problem is avoided thanks to vitamin E in fresh vegetables. There is no more fear of the skin aging so fast because beta-carotene slows down the process. It also prevents diseases that are associated to old age.

Some vegetables like broccoli are vital in prevention of some cancers in the body. They contain anticancer compounds called isothiocyanates and glucosinolates. This is one problem solved owing to the fact that if some cancers are not detected early when they arise, they cannot be cured. In such a case the risk of suffering from the cancers is prevented.<p>It is no doubt that many of us will always

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