How to connect the sunplus receiver to the Internet through a mobile phone

Posted by moroo on October 9th, 2021

connect the sunplus receiver to the Internet

How to connect the sunplus receiver to the Internet through a mobile phone or a normal net cable? We always hear this question. We know that the need for the Internet in all devices has become indispensable. If you have a sunplus receiver, you always ask about how to connect the sunplus receiver to the Internet because there are many channels via satellite The industrial broadcast does not work on home sunplus receivers unless the sunplus receiver or sunplus receiver is connected to the Internet.

We also need to connect the sunplus receiver to the Internet always in order to download the updates that the manufacturers of the sunplus receivers put forward, and we also need that connection for many other purposes, for example the sunplus receiver’s need to download software and that requires an Internet connection.

In today’s article, we will discuss with a full explanation, God willing, to how to connect the sunplus receiver to the Internet via the normal Internet cable, or even through Wi-Fi or connecting the sunplus receiver to the Internet via a personal mobile.

How to connect the sunplus receiver to the Internet via a normal net cable

In the beginning, there are several things that must be available in order to prevent you from connecting the sunplus receiver to the Internet. You must make sure that the Internet connection works for you without problems, by seeing your router and making sure that it is working properly.

As we know the home router has 4 LAN slots in the back and another for connecting the heat wire. What matters to us is that we put the end of the cable in one of the four slots at the back of the router.

Now we go to the sunplus receiver that we want to connect to the internet and we connect the other end of the cable in the place designated for it in the sunplus receiver, bearing in mind that the place varies from one sunplus receiver to another, whether on the side of the sunplus receiver or in the back of it anyway, you will often find it bearing the name Ethernet wan.

Now bring the remote for the sunplus receiver and press the menu button. A list will appear directly in front of you, choose the settings from it. A pop-up menu will also appear. Choose the system configuration, and finally choose the network settings, then press Connect.

You will find that the sunplus receiver is searching for the internet available to connect. All you have to do is wait a little while until your internet is found.

Sunplus channels file 1507

After the search ends, your internet network appears now using the remote control to add Sunplus channels file 1507 and then press Connect and then OK. In this way, the sunplus receiver is connected to the Internet via a normal USB net cable.

How to connect the sunplus receiver to Wi-Fi and connect to the Internet without a wire

The first step is to make sure that your router is working without problems and that the Wi-Fi light appears in green. Now you must know the Wi-Fi password and the name of the network you want to connect the sunplus receiver to.

The second step, of course, when you buy the sunplus receiver device, came with the device. Intel WiFi USB piece. If not, you need to buy it. Its price is 90 EGP. You can buy it from Take the WiFi piece and you will find a USB port in the back of the sunplus receiver. Connect it to the port.

The third step is to connect the sunplus receiver to the internet by using the remote control of the sunplus receiver. We press the menu button, from which we choose Additional settings, then we choose network settings.

The next step is to choose the WiFi settings. Now the list of searching for available WiFi networks appears. We click on the search access pointer and wait for a while until the sunplus receiver searches for nearby WiFi networks.

The last step: After the Wi-Fi networks appear, we choose our network and click on it. If the network has a password, you will find the sunplus receiver asking you to enter the password, and once it is entered, the Wi-Fi will be connected and the network will be saved and you will not need every time to do the steps again.

How to connect the sunplus receiver to the Internet via mobile

In the beginning, you must have things in order for this method to work for you without problems:
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A sunplus receiver connected to the Internet

whether with a normal net cable or Wi-Fi. It is important that the phone and the sunplus receiver are connected to the same Internet.

The idea is that your mobile is connected to the Internet via WiFi and not SMS-Data, and the sunplus receiver is on the same network via WiFi or through a normal cable net. The bottom line is that the two devices are on the same network, now all you have to do is download the GM Screen application on your Android phone from the Play Store directly or from the following link:

Download the GM Screen app for sunplus receiver

After you install the application and the slot you will find your name , press before you show it and will the connect to the sunplus receiver, in front of you will see the list of channels as it is to a sunplus receiver exactly the same order as the channels where the job to begin the same channel located on the sunplus receiver sunplus receiver device and find that connect the sunplus receiver Balent was successful.

Turn on the channel to watch on mobile
The schedule of the channels publication and rumor, if available
Channel name change
Delete the channel from the list
Lock the channel with a password

After that, we will start by clicking on the word Play, and the channel of your choice will open with us, as the broadcast will open with you as it is on the device if the channel was working in SD or HD quality.

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