A Guide to the Key Benefits of Choosing Impact Windows and Not Storm Shutters in

Posted by stormfitter on October 10th, 2021

Florida boasts of everything good, including pristine beaches, abundant sunshine, and beautiful weather all -year through also has another side to it. The state is often hit by hurricanes and tropical storms, battering the ambiance significantly. Being a homeowner in Florida, one must always take guard against such weather conditions. It’s unwise to even think of avoiding installing impact windows in Sarasota and Tampa, FL homes.

Choosing Impact Windows over Storm Shutters – The Benefits Offered

Often, homeowners seem to be in a fix while choosing between the options. People moving new to the state tend to opt for storm shutters as these are affordable compared to impact windows. Impact windows are considered a better choice over adding exterior coverage to the glass in the long run. Here’s a look at the benefits that one can avail of by investing in impact windows.

Requires One-Time Installation

Installing impact windows requires replacing the windows entirely as there’s isn’t any coverage available that can be added to the existing glass window for equal protection. While this might stand as a reason good enough to choose for storm shutters in Sarasota and Tampa, FL homes, one must never decide in haste. Post a successful installation of impact windows; homeowners needn’t worry about a single thing more. All that one needs to take care of is to clean it occasionally with soap and water. Homeowners can choose to forget about the windows.

Alternatively, with storm shutters, one needs to install them during the storm season or a hurricane forecast. Now, people living in Florida for a long time are well aware that hurricanes don’t hit the state every time there is a warning, and it can come without even allowing the homeowners to brace for the attack. Installing and taking off the shutters periodically ends up being a hassle. Also, there is maintenance; hurricane shutters require heavy maintenance like washing the shutters regularly and lubricating them accordingly for making the best of it.

Provides Great Energy Efficiency

During summers in Florida, utility bills tend to add up quickly. While there are several ways of improving the energy efficiency of the standard home windows, these seem less effective than replacing the same with tightly sealed and highly insulated storm impact windows. These windows are designed to bring down the solar heat gain during summers and capture heat in the home on a winter evening in the state. The energy-star rating works as a helpful attribute for homes all year round. Depending on the budget and the preference, one can quickly determine and control setting up the house, catering to all energy-efficient features offered by impact windows in Sarasota and Tampa, FL.

Additional to these key benefits, there are several other benefitting attributes of impact windows over Storm shutters in Sarasota and Tampa, FL. Take a look -

  •  Offer better security and protection to Florida homes
  •  It helps in reducing noise and provides UV protection
  •  Assures maintaining the home’s curb appearance and appeal
  •  Allows availing discounts on insurance premiums

With such attributes favoring the homeowner in many ways, there shouldn’t be an iota of doubt in mind while settling with impact windows.

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