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Posted by Le Bustiere Boutique on October 11th, 2021

High-end lingerie, as the name says, will include any classy undergarments that you can wear to feel good about yourself. If you are a classy woman, then such lingerie pieces will be a good start at changing your closet. However, to get some of the best high end lingerie, you may want to consider some crucial things.

  1. The fabric

When buying underwear, the fabric becomes a crucial consideration. Since the options are increasing by the day, it is also important for you to know what to pick as well as the features to check. Most importantly, you should pick the ones that you are sure will withstand the test of time.

With fabrics, there are two main options to consider, that is, cotton and microfibers. Each of them has its pros and cons. Therefore, it would be okay to have a mix of the two in your closet at any given time.

  1. Considering the trim

While buying women’s undergarments, it is also crucial that one checks the trim of the garments, especially the piping, elasticity, and lace. The trip options should be those that can also stretch the same way as the lingerie’s fabric to make sure that they will not tear either. In addition, make sure that you do not pick items with trim that will scratch you or cause skin itchiness.

  1. Seam and stitching

The other characteristics to check on the different pieces on your favorite lingerie store are the seams and stitching on each. You should be extra picky when choosing and check the seams keenly to ensure you are not inviting troubles with chafing. When it comes to the stitching, make sure to check for cheaply done ones before buying the undies.

You can also ask the following questions in regard to that:

  • How is the gusset attached?

  • Is the stitching loose or too tight?

  • Are all the seams stretching as the fabric is?

  • Are you noticing loose threads?

  • Does the fabric appear folded over and then stitched?

The questions may act as your buying guide.

  1. Size and fit

Lastly, know your measurements before shopping. When you get to a boutique, be sure to have the measurements off-head or write them somewhere. The last thing you want to do here is buying high-end lingerie sets that are either too big or small for you.

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