SmartLynx Airline SIA from Latvia and the FTI Touristik flight 6Y601

Posted by Andreas Winkler on October 11th, 2021

In July and August 2021, the Latvian charter airline SmartLynx had already attracted negative attention in Basel due to a chaos of delays, now FTI Touristik holidaymakers on their way to Egypt were affected, which apparently could have legal repercussions. In July and August, SmartLynx promised readers of the Swiss newspaper \"Blick\" that it would do better and apologised to the TUI passengers affected, and the SmartLynx airline also had to admit to problems. Apparently nothing has changed at SmartLynx Airline, which was supposed to take passengers from Berlin Airport (BER) to Hurghada in Egypt for FTI Touristik GmbH last Saturday, 9 October 2021. The flight was scheduled to take off at 06:00 on Saturday, but more than a quarter of an hour (1.15 hours) later the plane was still not in the air and was massively delayed on arrival in Hurghada. The airline would be responsible for the check-in speed at the check-in counters in this context, said an airport spokesperson on enquiry. However, anyone who thinks it is the tip of the iceberg at this point is in for a disappointment, because the Latvian charter airline SmartLynx Airlines SIA, whose managing director is Zygimantas Surintas, who presents himself on the airline\'s website as an \"entrepreneur in various business fields\", was unable to provide passengers with the necessary Corona entry forms prior to landing in Hurghada, so passengers were only given the required forms after landing in Hurghada, on board SmartLynx / FTI flight 6Y601, and were not allowed to leave the aircraft until each passenger had completed the form. For this reason, the passengers had to wait out the heat of the Hurghada sun with the aircraft door open for another 56 minutes on board SmartLynx / FTI flight 6Y601 until the last FTI Touristik holidaymaker could leave the aircraft. Whether this questionable competence and treatment of FTI holidaymakers by the Latvian SmartLynx Airline is part of the service of FTI Touristik GmbH is currently unknown. Already in the past, a Smartlynx passenger reported delays, dirt and stench and said to the Swiss newspaper \"Blick\" - \"I have never experienced such chaos\", this time FTI passengers said that the kind of treatment of passengers, by the SmartLynx crew could not be described with words. Soon we will report on an incident that occurred on board 6Y601, on 09 October 2021 by a crew member of SmartLynx Airlines, which could be dealt with by the courts in the future.... Furthermore, we are planning an article about purchased and apparently resold seats of FTI Touristik GmbH for flight 6Y601 on 09 October 2021. In another article we will report about a defective seat of the more than seventeen and a half (17.5) years old aircraft of the type Airbus A321-231 with the registration YL-LCV, of the SmartLynx Airline SIA and how the crew on the flight to Hurghada on behalf of FTI Tourisitk GmbH dealt with this technical defect after it was pointed out by passengers on 09 October 2021.

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