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Posted by Stradivari Strings on October 11th, 2021

Music elevates human beings\' bodies, minds, and souls, and it resonates with almost every human emotion. The sound of music has brought up humanity, and it has been on the verge of sinking all its feelings to the depth of music. Violin is one of those instruments that calm the human soul and drowns all its sorrow in the joy of music. It is at the pinnacle of the music industry and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future.

Violin lessons provide the necessary platform for students from different economic backgrounds. Students who are passionate and worthy of taking up the music industry\'s responsibility are opting for this course. This course will provide essential guidance and help students to thrive in the music industry.

Course overview

Violin lessons Singapore caters to the dream of the young generation and inspires them to achieve their highest potential. There are primarily four courses available for the students.

Beginners course

Beginner is an introductory course for all the students. Students who are just starting their musical careers and want to thrive in the music industry can opt for this course. However, it is the most popular course among students who do not experience the musical world.

D major with one-octave scale, G major with one-octave scale, E minor with one-octave scale, and C major with two-octave scales are the primary chords a student must learn. These chords will help them to advance through to the next level.

Kid’s course

Childhood is the best time to learn and do something creative. It is probably the only time the mind plays innovative games with us before the roughness of adulthood takes over. Kids are keen observers of the world, and they will learn violin lessons reasonably quickly. This course will tingle their creative side of the brain and cater to need have urged imaginative.

Playing violin will instill creativity as well as discipline into the child. It is crucial to learn all these skills so that children can succeed in their lives in the long run. With all these skills, students will acquire a great sense of clarity towards the musical instrument.

Adults course

Violin lessons Singapore is catering to students who do not have any experience in the music industry. However, they are giving services to all those adult students who are willing to make their career in the wilderness of music. Adults usually do not have any musical experience, and they opt for this very often.

Without the formal education of the music industry, students can now participate in this course. Adults will learn some basic lessons here, and the institute will provide some of the advanced classes.

Private course

Online classes are now emerging as the modern savior of the world. Students and teachers can interact and learn the lessons pretty quickly with an internet connection and some clicks.

With the advancement of technology, private classes are the new attraction of this institute. They are providing classes for students far beyond and giving them the necessary guidance.

What’s in it for students?

Before opting for their dream course, any students should be aware of the pros and cons. Nevertheless, by choosing Violin lessons, millions of students worldwide fulfill their dreams and succeed in the music industry.

Proper posture

Learning the basic and rudimentary skills of any course is essential for the students. As per the violin, the first thing that students must master is not the chords or the intonations but the sitting posture. Without a good sitting and holding posture, students will feel uncomfortable and will not perform according to their usual standards.

This skill is necessary for students, and it will carry them forward in their careers further. With a proper sitting posture, students will perform well.

The \'right hand

In cricket, for the bowlers, the non-bowling arm is much more crucial. It helps them to maintain their line and length. In violin, the most important thing to learn for the students is choosing the \'right hand.\' Violin lessons Singapore is the best institute to help students so that they can learn it properly and use it in their favor.

Students should have a grip over the violin, and they need to have a good sitting posture. Usually, a violin weighs 65 to 75 grams. That is the reason students need practice and patience to master that.

Taking care of the violin bow

Violin lessons accommodate all inclinations for the students to learn how to take care of and maintain their musical instruments. All the students must strengthen their violin strings and bows to perform well when the time comes.

To understand any instrument, students must learn about the inner stature of the device itself, and by doing that, they can take of them very well.

Rhythm training and basic chords

Violin lessons Singapore caters to the need of students to learn technical stuff of the violin lessons. There are theories to understand, like semibreve (four counts), minium (Two counts), crochet (One count), and quaver (half count).

Every student is unique, and they take their time to grab all these concepts. Therefore, for the institute, it is the top priority to hold their deadlines and focus on the overall growth of the particular students who are slow to grab things. With this, students will join more freely in the institute and will take challenges very confidently.

The theory of music

The history of music is the best part of this course. It will be safe to say that students have great enthusiasm about the history of music and want to learn all music theories. This part of the course will inspire students to do something beyond their imagination and prosper in the music industry.


Art has no clear path, and it can take any direction it desires. Music is growing own pace, and it can have a glorious way in the future. In that vast universe of art, music has taken its rightful place with all its grace and class.

violin lessons are the mere guide to all the students into that magical realm. Students who want to go on a mad venture in that world should opt for this course.

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