Situation of Alcoholism in Foreign Lands

Posted by Trust care on October 11th, 2021

Witnessing so many lives at stake, the Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in India, will discuss today the stand of alcoholism in other countries as well and the invention of various organizations related to alcoholism. The Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in India has seen hundreds of cases in just a year and every year the graph keeps on increasing. The Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Mumbai also states as drinking alcohol is now becoming a status symbol, people are forgetting the aftermath of the crisis it causes after continuous consumption.

The Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) organization was started in 1935 by Dr Bob Smith and Bill Wilson, in Ohio. Their approach towards alcoholism has met with considerable success. Bill W, recovered from alcoholism through a spiritual change and talked to Dr Bob, who was an alcoholic too, about alcoholism and solutions for recovery. They in turn began to help other people who suffered from alcoholism. Their purpose was to help \"members stay sober and help other alcoholics achieve sobriety\".

Today the United States has 52,000 Alcoholics Anonymous groups, 5,000 groups in Canada and 45,000 groups in other countries all over the world.

Alcoholic Anonymous is a self-help counseling program, which emphasizes on person to person as well as group relationships. To ensure anonymity of an individual, only the first name is used. The organization has no fees, accepts men, women, adults and teenagers with drinking issues. They do not keep records or case histories; they are not associated with any political or religious groups. However, one approach to their treatment is spiritual development.

Their activities usually consist of discussion among members with alcoholic problems and stories of those who have stopped drinking. These members talk about their lives when they were dependent on alcohol, to their lives now without alcohol. The AA uses the term alcoholic to refer to an individual who is currently drinking excessively or to those people who have stopped drinking. The AA believes that \"one is an alcoholic for life, whether or not one is drinking, one is never cured of alcoholism but instead is in recovery\".

The AA rehabilitated program helps alcoholics to accept that their problem of alcoholism is bigger than they are, just like many other problems. This lifts the burden of personal responsibility by allowing members to see themselves, not as weak willed but rather as having an affliction.

Group therapies with people, who share similar experiences, can help an alcoholic individual to gain insight to their problems and learn much better coping strategies. Participating continuously in group therapies can prevent the incidence of a relapse.

There are other movements associated with AA, such as Al-Anon family groups and Ala -teens, which was developed to bring together families who had members suffering from alcoholism. These programs would help the family gain an understanding of the nature of alcoholism, allow them to share their problems and experiences with others and learn effective ways to deal with their own problems of living with family members affected with alcoholism.




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