Debt Schedule Template in Excel

Posted by Wilbur Omar Chua on October 13th, 2021

As a business, it’s only normal to have different kinds of debts and loans to other entities. To keep track, evaluate, and decide on these debts, it would be easier if they were all noted down and organized. This is what a Debt schedule template in Excel can do. We can use the debt schedule template in Excel to visualize our debts and plan around our existing payables, such as bank loan payments, financing companies etc. We use this Debt Schedule template to monitor also the financial health of the business and make sure that the business has enough cash flows to pay off the debts at the moment they are due. 

The most important thing about a Debt Schedule template is that for the list of payables, we can easily organize those immediately due, and prepapre corresponding cash flows for not so urgent debts. With a debt schedule template, it can spell the difference between having enough cash flow for a bit of comfort, or borrowing more money to pay for existing debts.

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