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The mountains call to the adventure lovers like nothing else. The ginormous peaks and deep valleys, beautiful coniferous forests, and the wildlife residing within are some of the few things found nowhere else on our planet. Of all the mountain ranges adorning our world, the greatest is undoubtedly located belting the northern borders of the Indian subcontinent, namely the Great Himalayan Ranges. 

Thus, in order to explore some of the most majestic mountain landscapes to be ever found, one must make a journey to the north and north-eastern parts of India. This article seeks to convey the details about some of the best mountainous adventures that thrill-seekers can embark on in India.

Sandakphu Trek

Trek cost and best time to start it:

The Sandakphu Trek costs about USD 135-175(INR 10000-13000) per head. 

The best time to embark on this trek depends chiefly on the trekkers\' preferred ambiance. The route assumes very different hues depending on the season. During spring, one gets to experience the blooming foliage of rhododendron and magnolia, while autumn offers clear weather with golden-yellow hues of the fall.

Trek route:

The trek begins from Chitrey. The route advances 9 km from there to reach Tumling. The next day it is a farther 12 km hike to Kalapokhari. From Kalapokhari, it takes about 3 to 4 hrs to trek a distance of 6 km and reach Sandakphu at an elevation of 3636 m above sea level. 

From Sandakphu, the return journey begins, and one has to trek a distance of 15 km to reach Timburey via the village of Gurdum. From Timburey, it is about an hour of walking distance to Srikhola, from where transportation is readily available. 

Highlights of the trek:

Sandakphu is the highest geographical point of the state of West Bengal at 3636 m in height. The route of this trek follows the Singalila Ridge, which comes down from the Kanchenjunga massif. The journey offers unparalleled views of peaks like Kanchendzonga (8586 m), Makalu (8481 m), Everest (8849 m), Lhotse (8516 m), and more, as well as the famous Sleeping Buddha formation.

Brahmatal Trek

Trek cost and best time to start it:

The Brahmatal Trek will cost a person around USD 135(INR 10000). 

The best time to go on this memorable journey would be the winter season when the weather is clear, and the landscape is white with snow.

Trek route:

This trek route starts at the village of Lohajung, sitting at 2320 m altitude in Uttarakhand. The trail brings one first to a quaint lake called Bekal Tal, 6 km from Lohajung. From there, it takes about 4-5 hours to hike another 6 km, up to the Brahma Tal at an altitude of 3400 m. If one chooses to travel farther up, the route continues to the summit of Jatropani peak at 4070 m.

To return, one needs to trek back down to Lohajung and avail transportation. 

Highlights of the trek:

This trekking route offers some incredible natural beauty for those drawn to the winter landscapes of mountains. In Uttarakhand, pristine white snow covering the pine forests and rhododendrons of the alpine meadows, locally called Bugyals, make it a sight to behold. The lake itself is crystalline, surrounded by some incredible peaks like Chaukhamba (7,138 m), Trisul (7,120 m), and Nanda Ghunti (6,309 m). 

Apart from the natural beauty, this particular alpine lake has a mythological significance. Brahma, the Hindu deity of creation, is believed to have meditated on the bank of this lake once upon a time.

Dayara Bugyal Trek

Trek cost and best time to start it:

The Dayara Bugyal Trek will cost a person around USD 121(INR 9000) on average.

The best time to embark on this journey depends on your personal preferences. This alpine meadow is blooming with life and colors during springtime. It also presents a picturesque scene during the winter months on its pristine snowy canvas.

Trek route:

The trek begins from Raithal in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. From there, the trail passes through the meadows of the Bugyal region. It runs about 4 km to Gui, from where one may hike to the campsite at Chilapada. One may choose to stay a night here. The next phase of the journey runs about 12 km to a viewpoint called the Bakariya Top at an altitude of 3657 m. 

In order to return, one has to trek back to Barsu, from where vehicular transportation may be available.

Highlights of the trek:

The Bugyal areas of Uttarakhand are affluent in biodiversity. Sprawling green alpine meadows bustling with flora and fauna are one of the chief attractions of this trek. The trek is also not very long and covers only about 25 km. Hence it is easy for novice trekkers to attempt. 

The Bakariya Top vantage point offers an incredible 360° vista encapsulating the Bhilangana ranges and the Gangotri region. Majestic peaks like Bandarpoonch (6,316 m), Rudragaira (5,819 m), parts of the Chaukhamba, and much more are visible from this place.

Goechala Trek

Trek cost and best time to start it:

The Goechala Trek can cost a person around USD 216-229(INR 16000 to 17000).

Since this trek route passes through the Kanchenjunga National Park, it is a heavily forested route, changing scenes with each season. The springtime will offer incredible encounters with local biodiversity, while the autumn-winter period will provide clear weather conditions.

Trek route:

The Goechala Trek starts from Yuksom. From there, it moves through the Kanchenjunga National Park till one reaches the deep gorges of Pa Khola, Tsushay Khola, and Mentogang Khola, which can only be crossed by walking over suspension bridges.

The trail then passes through places like Sachen and Tsokha to reach Dzongri Top. One needs to acclimatize for a day here before moving on to Goechala viewpoint 1 via Lamuney.

The entire journey covers about 70 km in 10 days. 

The return journey entails trekking back to Yuksom via Kokchurang and Tsokha.

Highlights of the trek:

The eastern Himalayas are very different from their northern counterparts in their lush green vegetation cover and cloudy atmosphere. On this particular trek, one has the opportunity to witness the rich ecosystem of Kanchenjunga National Park and incredible views of the third highest peak of the world, Kanchenjunga (8586 m), from Dzongri Top and Goechala viewpoint 1. The mountain changes color as the sun rises. It is truly one of the unique sights in this world. 

Bagini Glacier Trek

Trek cost and best time to start it:

This journey can cost about USD 202-216(INR 15000-16000) per head. 

The optimum times to embark on this trek would be summer or autumn.

Trek route:

The route starts from the Jumma village of Uttarakhand. The trail goes to the Ruing village from Jumma, where one may rest for the night. The next stage of the trek covers about 8 km distance to Dronagiri village, situated at a respectable height of 3610 m. From here, the route runs 6 km more to Longatulli. The Bagini Glacier base camp is 5 km from here. 

To return, one must trek back to Ruing and drive or trek to Joshimath from there. 

Highlights of the trek:

This short route offers a close encounter with the Bagini glacier and the frozen landscape surrounding it. Here you can see the geophysical effects of the massive body of ice slowly flowing down the mountain slope and the unique structures formed by its erosive forces. Being one of the most peculiar and interesting landforms found in nature, this glacial encounter is sure to form a lasting memory.


Now that you are armed with knowledge let your inner explorer out and go have the adventure of a lifetime on any of the trekking routes that are listed for you here. Happy traveling and good luck!

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