How Should You Choose an Authentic Cable Fault Detector Machine?

Posted by Zara Hyatt on October 14th, 2021

Cable faults create damage to cables that affect the resistance in the cable. Cable fault can cause a complete or partial voltage breakdown. Cable fault is the process of locating the periodic faults of the cable. Shock discharge generators are the most helpful device for finding the cable fault location.

Cable faults happen due to the dampness in the paper insulation or damaged lead generation. Due to chemical reactions inside the Earth, it can cause cable faults. Insufficient protection and mechanical damage are the significant cause of damaging the cable.

Types of Cable Fault

Ground fault- Grounds cable faults happen at the inner part of the Earth. Due to the current flowing from the core of the cable to the Earth, insulation breakdown among the multiple-core system. Due to this current flowing from one cable to another, this type of cable fault occurs.

Cross or short circuit faults- The insulation breakdown method between two cables or between two core results. It is a short circuit fault due to the current flowing from one cable to another. Transient circuit faults occur.

Open circuit fault- This cable fault happens due to the breakage of cable lines and zeroes current flow within the cable. A cable fault detector machine can detect this type of cable fault.

Process of Determining the Cable Fault

One can find the cable fault through the Ethernet symbol error or error in the router interfaces. These are the primary indication of the cable fault. When there are no alignment errors on the interface, FCS error indicates the cable faults. These symbols are enough to identify the cable fault within a few minutes of its occurrence.

After determining the cable faults, it is necessary to fix the problems with adequate methods. To solve the cable faults, users must identify the pinched Ethernet cords, poor connectors, patch cords, and CAT-3 patch cords.

It is necessary to change the suspected wrong patch cord to bring the effectiveness of the cable. A professionally graded cable tester uses different techniques to increase the effectiveness of the cable.

Reasons for Cable Faults

Aging is a significant reason for the cable fault. The service life of a cable may reduce the operational capacity of the cable. Cracking and eventual failure of materials, exposing the conductor of the short circuit is the primary reason for cable faults due to aging.

If users do not select the proper cable for a particular application, it can cause damage to the cable. If a cable has less weather resistance capacity, it will damage within a few times.

A mechanical failure is another reason for cable faults. It happens during the installation of the cable. It can reduce the service life of the cable. Moisture in the cable can cause short circuits and corrosion. Excessive heating can cause degradation in the cable. The external sourced heat may damage the cable.

Electrical overloading is a genuine problem of cable faults. In domestic applications, this results in plugging multiple appliances into one socket.

UV exposure can influence electrical cable damage. UV resistance cable can protect the cable from exposure. Excessive UV exposure can cause a cracking or short circuit.

What is a Cable Fault Detector Machine?

Underground cable fault locator is an automatic cable fault locating machine with LCD technology. This machine is a combination of pulse reflecting technology and an intelligent bridge testing method. This machine can assume the exact location of a broken line, cross faults, and Earth.

It is a microprocessor-based fault locator with user-friendly features. The English menu of this menu is easy to operate. It is a small size and lightweight machine that is easy to move from one place to another. Menu-driven operation is an available feature of this machine. Colour LCD and rechargeable lithium battery are the unique features of this machine.

Cable Fault Locator Equipment

Some cable fault detector machine has high and low resistance capacity as per the faults in power cables. The stored energy of this high voltage cable fault detector has huge potentiality for detecting the cable fault.

Ground microphone and audio frequency receiver are the two primary components of this machine. It is an automatic discharge device. Users can increase or decrease the voltage capacity as per the cable fault volume.

Thus it is essential to identify the correct cable fault detecting machine to solve the cable fault problems within a few minutes. You have to choose the authentic suppliers for buying the cable fault detector device or appliances.

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