The Future of Industrial Defect Detection Using Computer Vision

Posted by Olivia brown on October 14th, 2021

Product quality checks are an essential component in any manufacturing environment. Factors ranging from customer satisfaction to consumer health safety all depend on the level of quality control in the factory to detect defects in the industry. Manufacturers might re-work the complete batches or waste them all together according to strict production quality protocols. It results in hefty losses. 

The biggest challenge in quality control is that it comes to the end of each production cycle. This means that every effort made in production is in line when the products are given quality control.

Manufacturers can reap many vital benefits when they involve computer vision in detecting product defects. Computer vision is a relatively new field of computer science that focuses on making digital systems capable of analyzing, processing, and making sense of visual data. They work in the same way the human eye does. The concept behind it is to teach computers how to process an image at a pixel level and then understand it.

Computer vision algorithms analyze and report defects by using product-specific, environmental, and surface-level data inputs. This leads to three significant upgrades in the quality control processes of products. These are Eliminating Product Wastage, Reducing Human Error, and Speedy Defect Detection. 

  1. Eliminating Product Wastage 

One of the drawbacks of the quality control procedure is that it involves testing of selected samples extensively. Because of extensive testing, the samples become unfit for sale. The practice of quality control and maintenance comes with a constant cost in materials wasted. It has been ongoing for years. 

But when you use computer vision technology, manufacturers can scan the defects without compromising product integrity. It means there will be zero or minimum wastage. 

For years, manufacturers have been looking for ways to minimize the cost of wasted materials. Computer vision makes this a reality by offering visual inspection services to manufacturing facilities. 

  1. Minimizing Human Error 

A compelling advantage of adopting computer vision technology in quality control is that it reduces the number of errors. When you use this technology to handle repetitive tasks, there will be lower chances of errors as compared to human alternatives. The level of human accuracy in repetitive tasks decreases as they are cumbersome. Also, the level of ability and experience varies among individual inspections, making human inspection inconsistent. However, you get a reliable and uniform performance by using computer vision in industrial defect detection. 

When it comes to manual quality checks, the risk of human errors might lead to life or death for the consumers. Contrary to that, when you perform industrial defect detection with computer vision, the risk is minimized. Manufacturers get higher perfection levels in terms of quality control with CV. 

  1. Speedy Defect Detection 

With manual quality control, manufacturers need to intrude in the production life that slows down the production process. In the past, this act was a part of the quality check and was unavoidable. 

As computer vision allows real-time monitoring of the products through visual inspection, products can move along the production line at a dynamic speed. It leads to a smooth and streamlined production process, leading to higher production as there is less intervention. Industrial defect detection through computer vision on a moving production line is at least 94% accurate. It is an extraordinary accuracy level, especially when each unit in the production line is checked separately for defects instead of sampling a few products from every batch. 


You can mold the visual inspection according to the specification of the product. Manufacturers can also run the fundamental examination based on algorithms already built that are designed for fault detection. With computer vision, manufacturers can inspect any kind of product easily in real-time. There will be a low margin of error, making visual inspection services applications limitless in quality check. 

With the emergence of Defect Defection technology in Industry 4.0, manufacturers are now capable of revamping time taking and costly practices with productive and efficient ones. Computer vision transforms the quality control processes and makes them more reliable. 

There are many vendors out there offering AI services, but if you want to work with the best, consider Xavor Corporation. Xavor has a successful and extensive history of providing AI-based solutions to manufacturers. We help enterprises with innovative applications of computer vision using our proprietary algorithms, including a visual inspection. Contact us to learn how your enterprise can avail Xavor’s computer vision services for revenue generation. 

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