How To Make Your Dental Implants Last Longer

Posted by ridgetopdental on April 28th, 2016

Dental implant is the gift of modern science that has given a reason to smile to many people across the world. If you too have got dental implants, and wondering how to take care of them so they can last a lifetime, then here is an informative article for you, brought to you exclusively by Ridgetop Dental International Pvt Ltd, one of the best centres for Dental Implants Bangalore.

Follow your dentist’s advice

Follow your doctor’s orders after getting dental implants. For the first few days, you don't want to brush them because they're sensitive. But, use the special mouth wash your doctor provided


Eat with caution

Dental implants are very strong and you can eat everyday foods as long as you do not do anything extreme such as open packages with your teeth or cracking bones. You have spent a lot of money on your dental implants so take care of them.

Avoid very hot liquids

Dental implants are made of metal and metal retains heat more readily that soft human tissue. If you drink very hot liquids the implant tooth may heat up from the liquid and stay hot enough and long enough to burn a thin layer of cells around the implant .With repeated small damages this may cause the loss of the implant.

Maintain a good oral hygiene

According to the experts at Ridgetop Root Canal Treatment Bangalore, the most important way to care for and preserve your dental implants is to maintain excellent oral hygiene after the procedure. Without brushing daily, infections can easily develop around the dental implants. Consistent dental hygiene is also an essential part of the fusing process between dental implants and the jawbone.

Do not floss around the implant

Implants however do not have a periodontal ligament attached to the implant. They have what is called a Peri-implant seal. This seal is weak and not well supplied with nerves. So it is easily broken and does not hurt when you do break it. Aggressive flossing will cut this seal allowing bacteria to enter the pocket and access the bone. This in turn will cause bone damage around implants and can lead to the loss of the implant.

Visit a dentist in your area regularly

A dentist will not just help you maintain the good help of your dental implants, but also, will tell you if they need any additional treatment. Routine maintenance and X-rays may also be needed. The implant is designed to last a long time but the implanted teeth can experience wear and tear just like any other artificial substance.

The success of your dental implants will not just depend on the level of care you provide them but will also depend on the expertise of your dentist. Ridgetop International Pvt Ltd, has the best dentists in Bangalore, who will not just fix your dental implants, almost painlessly, but will also, ensure, they last for many years.

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