Why High Density Plastics Have Became So Popular?

Posted by Michael Luis on October 15th, 2021

Modern engineering requirements are stretching the limits of the physical properties of many metals. For this reason, many elements which were common in various heavy industries are quickly becoming obsolete. At that same time, new materials are coming to heavy industries to stretch the capabilities of modern engineering.

One such material is high density plastic, which has revolutionized many industries. These days, high density plastics have become a favorite element among OEMs and material processors worldwide. Let’s learn why this material has suddenly become so popular in the engineering community and where you can use it across various industries.

•    Automobile

Automobile parts often have to withstand high temperatures and work under extreme conditions. Along with these conditions, automobile parts also have to have a unique design structure to increase efficiency. Unfortunately, most metals used for conventional automobile parts are not that malleable or they lose their structural strength when bent in a unique shape.

High density polymers like Ecomass can solve this problem. This material can withstand high temperatures and stay functional in extreme conditions. It can be molded into any shape, which increases the efficiency of the vehicle. For this reason, it has become one of the favorite materials for top OEMs of the world.

•    Vibration Damping

At the time of operation, every mechanical body generates vibration. In the engineering term, vibrations are like short pulses of kinetic energy. If you don’t control vibration in a mechanical body, then these short pulses of kinetic energy can cause a lot of damage in the long run. A machine that generates excessive vibration often faces more wear and tear than other machines.

If you want to prevent this wear and tear caused by vibration, then you need to isolate it from the machine. For this purpose, you can use High density polymers like Ecomass. Compared to rubber or normal plastics, they can absorb kinetic energy rapidly. As a result, the application of this material can reduce vibration by 90%.

•    Thermo Nuclear Industry

Ionizing radiation can alter DNA structure in the cells and cause various lethal diseases. For this reason, radiation is a nasty part that everyone likes to prevent in the thermonuclear industry. Lead is one metal that can give substantial protection against ionizing radiation. However, this metal weighs a lot and it is uncomfortable working with a shield made from lead.

In this situation, the high density polymer has come to the thermonuclear industry as a blessing. This material has good Radiation shielding properties. At the same time, it weighs 10 times less. As a result, people feel much comfortable working with shields made from high density polymers.

Modern innovation has always stretched the limits of physics. High density polymers like Ecomass are a good example of modern material science. Initially, it was developed by the military to replace lead bullet tips. But it quickly became very popular in various industries due to its superior strength and versatility. You would be surprised to know that a few Golf club manufacturers have also started using this material in Golf clubs.


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