What Are The Rules And Regulations For A Compliant Cash Discount Program?

Posted by michael bedwell on October 15th, 2021

A cash discount scheme operates by offering cash or credit pricing to the clients. When a user pays in cash, they get a better deal. When consumers pay with a credit or debit card, they pay a higher price point that incorporates your service charges.

Cash Discount programs are lawful in the country, according to the Durbin Amendment. However, there are many states in the country that had outlawed Cash Discount Programs. The amendment allows businesses to give discounts to customers if they pay in cash. While petrol stations have been using this sort of program (displaying cash prices) for years, there is still some ambiguity about how to properly implement a Cash Price discount.

The card associations have specific criteria on how to conduct a cash discount merchant services process. In the following section, we will describe how to implement a cash discount program. Here is how you can do it:

1) Installation of the Proper Signage at the Entry Gate 

First of all, you should make the arrangements for installing proper signage at the gate. When the shoppers enter into the market, they should learn about the cash discount program. Furthermore, it depends upon whether they proceed with it or not. 

2) Declare the Exact Amount on the Receipt

Another most interesting thing about the Cash Discount Program is that the exact service cost should be reflected on the receipt. 

3) Verbally Offering a Monetary Reduction to Your Consumers. 

The store should declare the exact price to the customers. Even though gas stations display different pricing, it is not essential for a store to do so. The displayed prices are cash pricing, and the signage specifies that if payment is not made in cash, a fee will be charged. 

4) Announce the Cost of Products in the Written Form

The stores should not confuse the customers, at all. Merchants with a Cash Discount Program must display the Base Amount of the transaction, the Cash Discount, and the Total Cost of the transaction in order to be compliant.

This is how, the customers will learn about the different costs. When they choose to pay through cash discounts, they will not be offended by extra charges. So, it depends upon them to shop or not. 


These are some of the steps that you should undertake for ensuring compliance with cash discount merchant services programs.

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