Alcohol A Bad Habit!

Posted by Trust care on October 16th, 2021

Many Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Pune district have witnessed that the intake of drinkers in the city has been on the rise as several Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Pune district saw most of their clients among the age group of 16 to 21 years old which is complete teenage year and either the individual would be in college or in school making them a student. Therefore the Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Pune, started its research as to why there is a need for such young students to get into such a hazardous type of addict which can cause permanent damage to their body or also can lead towards a sudden or slow death. The most 3 common reasons are as follows:


‘Alcohol’, the name itself, is addictive. Today I am discussing the ‘king’ of all beverages and something which is irresistible since the rise of mankind. All over the world it exists in several forms, some strong and others mild. Beer, wine, whisky, gin, rum you name it. Any party is considered incomplete without alcohol and it is most popular among adolescents and adults as well. While some drink it to celebrate, others drink it to forget anxiety, depression and any abnormal thing going on in their life. So what has made alcohol this popular? Is it ecstasy or euphoria? Whatever it may be, it is certain that ‘alcohol’ has now become synonymous to ‘happiness’.

Alcohol is addictive. It is observed that it causes liver damage and acts as a potent carcinogen. Heavy alcohol drinkers can even fall prey to liver cirrhosis. The enjoyment it gives certainly comes with a cost which most of the people don’t care about. Moreover, it is the leading cause of violence and particularly ‘domestic violence’. Regular alcohol drinkers are often seen to have other health problems like lack of concentration, severe liver damage etc.

Health implications of alcohol consumption

Alcohol indeed is used exclusively by the people to socialize, enjoy, and relax but it is not elixir and has its health effects on the body. After its consumption, the alcohol is transported to the liver for metabolism, the liver has its own capacity to metabolize and after a certain limit, it starts damaging the liver cells. Problem is caused when it damages 3/4th portion of the liver whereby the hepatocytes can’t regenerate the whole liver and it causes ‘liver cirrhosis’. So as long as you drink less and less frequently, the health implications would be less but once you start becoming a heavy drinker, your body would respond in a negative way.

Self-control is the key!

Since it is clear that regular and over intake of alcohol causes problems like motor impairment, memory problems, lack of concentration, breathing problems, coma and even death; it becomes your own responsibility to protect yourself from it. The city culture, the increased working hours, peer pressure and the urge of trying new things are few things that attract a person towards alcohol. It is fine as long as it is not harming the body, but once it starts damaging, the changes become irreversible hence you should have enough control over you and the concern for keeping your body healthy. All the best to you!




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