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Posted by Danyking on April 28th, 2016

ZeniMax announced today, "Elder Scrolls OL" the latest piece of information "Dark Brotherhood" will be held May 31 the first landing PC platform, June 14 landing host platform.

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"Dark Brotherhood" expansion pack will add hours of new story content, join the Dark Brotherhood players can become not only be hired assassins, will also have exclusive skill tree.

And on a piece of information like "Dark Brotherhood" is still a member ($ 15 / month) free of charge, non-members must purchase in-game store, priced at 2000 Crown (approximately $ 14.55). At the same time, the official said will launch bundle package, contains Heights wolf mounts, pets, and experience accelerated props.

You can also now unlock additional character slots, four to be exact. To unlock these you’ll need to purchase them through the crown store.

Zenimax has stated from the beginning that they didn’t like the idea of nameplates because they clutter up the screen and take away from the beauty that is Tamriel. As a caveat, Nameplates are optional. They are off by default and turned on in the settings menu.

Removal of the Veteran Ranks is by far the best thing to happen this DLC, at least so far. Let’s take the wayshrine and get into the thick of this DLC.

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