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No matter how much time has passed and how other types of flooring materials will be replaced. With its durability and beautiful natural pattern that even high quality artificial wood would like to imitate can\'t do it. \'Real wood flooring\' is also considered the first choice of flooring materials for those who want to add a touch of woodwork and warmth to their building or residence. However, each type of real wood has different properties and uses. Let\'s find out by comparing the key features of popular real wood flooring types.

Compare key features:

Pattern and color

It can be said that with the properties of real wood. All three species are therefore able to give their own beautiful patterns that are \'clear\' and \'natural\', unlike artificial or synthetic wood materials that, even in high-quality species. Still can not imitate the pattern to be beautiful and natural as well.

Engineered or solid wood floors are very durable and are able to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life. Due to them being natural products they hold the warmth far more effectively than any man-made tile, laminates, or stone floors. As a result, underneath they are more comfortable, particularly in the winter months. Laminates will always be cold to the touch so even though the initial benefits are great, factors like this will always create Hardwood flooring Houston more attractive alternative.

Weather and scratch resistance

For considerations of weather and scratch resistance must look at The \'type of wood\' of each is the main. While the industry internationally is often divided into only two types of wood is hardwood (hardwood) and softwood (softwood) for Houston TX. We have divided it in more detail than one level:

1) Softwood

has a fast growth rate Therefore, it has a wide annual ring, softer and softer than other types of wood. Therefore, it can be easily modified (sawing, planing, decorating, carving, etc.)

2) Medium hardwood

has a moderately slow growth rate Therefore, it has an annual ring that is slightly wider than softwood. The wood is firmer and stronger than softwood. Examples of medium hardwoods are Takhian wood, rosewood, Teng wood, Mango wood.


3) Solid wood

It has the slowest growth rate among the species. Therefore, it has a frequent annual ring. It is considered the most durable type of wood. Examples of hardwoods such as padauk wood, red wood, maka wood, canopy.

Resistance to termites and insects

There is one chemical, O-cresyl methyl ether, that termites-insects and fungi do not like and therefore do not choose to eat. But the important point is that before teak trees will accumulate enough such chemicals. Teak is generally more than 10 years old, and some types of teak cut before that age actually remain a termite\'s \'favorite food\'. Redwood and sapwood are also at risk. Because even though it is a hardwood species that termites don\'t like (Termites will choose to eat softwood first), but if at the end They can\'t find food It may have to try to eat the hardwood to sustain life.

Plantation teak is a type of teak that does not grow naturally. But it was grown specifically for processing and selling. It is a real teak production strategy that was developed to cope with declining teak plantation rates as well as the problem of illegal logging and deforestation. Most of the teak planted is still considered to be \'real teak\', a quality grade, equivalent to that of the forest teak in all respects. But it has a lower price because it can be planted and sold more easily there.

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