How To Create A Dynamic Artist Profile Before Hiring A YouTube Music Video

Posted by melissa on October 18th, 2021

Being the second largest search engine on the web, YouTube has become one of the most influential platforms for online videos. Not only music videos but there are blogging, product demonstration, gameplay, and a variety of videos which make this platform a potential hub for exposure. However, the music video is most anticipated as they carry a huge fanbase. Almost every other musician whether a well-established mogul or an emerging artist; everyone tries to gather more attention through their brimming music videos. A recent survey says, 79% of the total musicians around the globe have a YouTube account and prefer to release their songs with an accompanying music video.

Since every other music artist is opting for a music video, it gets daunting to attract the viewers while standing out among all. That is why the musicians need a YouTube music video marketing service to gather attention from the target audience and relevant platforms. The professional services are highly effective and offer seamless opportunities to the artists who are looking for exposure. Before hiring any professional agency, let’s start with the basics.

Is an artist channel different from a topic channel on YouTube?

Official Artist Channel (OAC) is referred to as a verified musician’s profile on YouTube. It is slightly different from the usual topic-related channels as it provides some extra features to the music artists. Such as,

  • Manual customizations
  • auto-generated videos can be added or removed
  • Provides access to multiple analytics and monitoring tools

What kinds of videos can be utilized to boost the artist channel?

Since it’s a music artist’s channel, it is bound to come up with new music videos. However, there is distinctively different kind of videos regarding music which helps to pique interest among all.

  • Live Streams – Going live is the new trend that is widely used by the musician around the world that helps to make a personal approach to the listeners. It also proves the talent of the musician with a more raw and freestyle manner rather than the studio record.
  • Lyrical videos – While most people think cinematic videos are everything the viewers are looking for, lyrical videos have proved their importance. Many listeners look forward to lyrical videos to better know the lyricism of the track. Not only that, but it is super easy to make. So why not? As accompanying lyrical video can gather a lot of attention.
  • Cover videos – Even if a musician is busy on the next project, the audience does not have to wait till its release. To keep them entertained, cover songs of famous bands and legendary artists’ works magically. Cover videos can also show the versatility of an artist in music.
  • Collaboration videos – Since YouTube is a place for all kinds of musicians, everyone shares a common community of listeners. Collaboration between artists allows sharing a common fanbase and exposure which is beneficial for both artists as well as excites the listeners.
  • BTS – Behind the scenes show the audience snippets of the making of the video where artists, directors, and co-performers share a friendly moment. It feels great to watch the artists sharing a good time with a dose of humor.


As a music artist, there are numerous ways to reach out to the target audience. But before making any marketing approach, it is important to create an amazing YouTube channel that can keep the audience hooked. Concentrate on the channel, content, and consistency in order to make a presence among all.

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