The Summoner also has a cat that will deal out

Posted by upfifa on April 28th, 2016

In this guide, the words “Form 3 Tier 4” will mean you take a skill’s third version and upgrade it up to the fourth level. All of the forms of a certain skill share the same basic theme, but accentuate different aspects of the skill. For example, the key Rose skill on the left Blade and Soul power leveling service mouse button has some forms that have higher damage and others that provide more MP regeneration.

The Summoner has an interesting toolkit. First of all, there are several crowd-control skills that dish out stuns, grogginess, knockback, Blade and Soul power leveling service knockdown, and weakening. The Summoner also has a cat that will deal out as well as absorb a lot of damage. The two targets create a lot of problems for other classes such as Destroyer or the Kung Fu Master as well as mobs. The Summoner has a resource called “chi,” “qi,” or just MP. In this guide we will call it MP. A Summoner can have a maximum of 10 MP, and it is consumed to cast most skills. The small pool of MP means much of Summoner play revolves around careful timing, so that you can replenish your MP with some skills and then spend it on others while maintaining CC effects.

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