if you or your party members have blade and soul gold low hit rate

Posted by upfifa on April 28th, 2016

Pollen provides an important supportive ability of resisting long ranged damage to all party members within the AOE. The enemies within the AOE cannot block or evade. Rank 2 path further heals 10% of allies’ HP.

The rank 2 path can be used to cast pollen cheapest Blade and Soul gold on targets at long range instead of around yourself. This can be useful on Shura King of Snow Jade Palace to prevent him from evading, if you or your party members have low hit rate.

For example, open with Ivy for poison, use Rose for MP and then add Chestnut Burrs. Alternate Rose and Sunflower for Photosynthesis stacks, then when the cheapest Blade and Soul gold burrs wear off use Morning Glory to kick off another sequence of Rose and Sunflower, add more Burrs, and when you hit Saturation mash Big Sunflower. You will need to adjust for some status-immune bosses and such, but this is a strong all-purpose build.

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