Blade and soul summoner guide

Posted by upfifa on April 28th, 2016

For Morning Glory, Blade and Soul gold for sale take the second form. That gives you party-wide MP regeneration. Take the first form of Throwing Chestnut Burr for for the follow-up damage. Take the second form of the Dandelion counter skill for more MP regen. For the Pounce cat move on Tab, take the first form for the 2-hit stun. For the Vine skill on 1, take the second form, Ivy, which gives you a snare. Take the second form of Tendril for the DoT, put one point in Pollen, max the second form Blade and Soul gold for sale of Dandelion Seed for more MP regen, and the first form of Chestnut Burr for the extra damage. Put no points in Cheer and 3 in the second form of Friendship for the heal. Take the second form of Impact for the bleed effect. Put a point in the second form of the Bomb tree for the trap. Take Form 2 Tier 3 of Curl for some taunt power. Take Form 2 of Foxtail for the knockdown. Take Form 2 of Nyan for defense.

This build gives you a ton of Blade and Soul gold for sale crowd control, so it is perfect for both PvP and PvE. It is a little weak defensively, so be careful of the health of your pet. You need to learn a rotation to get to Saturation. The key is to alternate Rose and Sunflower to get the MP for the Sunflower repetition.

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