Blade and soul Gold World PvP Rewards

Posted by upfifa on April 28th, 2016

World PvP Rewards
Defeating an opposing faction member within a valid level range provides you with temporary PvP currency known as Prestige Points.

If you defeat a player of the opposing faction, Blade and Soul gold legit you are also able to steal their accumulated Prestige points. But be careful - they can do the same back to you!

Prestige Points can be traded in for faction contribution points within a faction. All players start at Faction Rank 10, and through acquiring points, Blade and Soul gold legit will progress all the way up to Rank 1. The maximum amount of Prestige Points that can be collected increases as Faction Rank increases. Players can swap factions at any point, but will lose all accumulated points and will have to start over from Faction Rank 10 if they ever decide to swap back.

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