Quick Guide on choosing the right caravan covers

Posted by Covers 4 U on October 19th, 2021

A good quality caravan cover is one of the simplest ways to keep your caravan protected from the elements. The caravan can be a great getaway or a home away from home for many people. Protect your investment to ensure you get the most value from it and ensure you buy a good quality caravan cover.

Despite our desire for travel and holidays as often as possible, it\'s a sad fact that the harsh weather can cause premature aging or severe damage to your caravan if left uncovered for prolonged periods. The climate can be quite extreme in Australia and a bad quality caravan cover could degrade within one year.

Even though caravan covers won\'t last forever, their warranty and cost give a good idea of how long they will last. This means they will take care of any damage to your rubber, plastic, and paint during that time. In addition, caravan covers are much cheaper than a shed, and most people are less likely to wear their van down from the weather.

A wide range of quality caravan covers is available from industry leaders such as Covers 4 U. So. Whether it\'s raining, hailing, or shining, your caravan will stay in top shape for your next camping trip.

Our company Covers 4 U is customer-driven. We provide factory pricing directly to you. Our company is based in Australia, where we have one of the harshest climates in the world, and our vehicles pay the price, but we don\'t think you should. With our caravan covers, you can protect what matters most to you. A Covers 4 U caravan cover will deal with the weather and keep your valuable vehicle in the best shape it can be.

Is a caravan cover necessary?

Experienced campers highly recommend using a caravan cover, even though they\'re not technically necessary. Caravan covers prevent dirt, mildew, mold, and other elements that could otherwise damage the RV\'s paint and outside components. Unfortunately, several things can negatively impact a caravan\'s resale value and curb its exterior aesthetics, including tree sap, insects, bird droppings, and harmful UV rays. Caravan covers are usually associated with bad experiences with low-quality versions, which is why most people avoid them. However, with a bit of knowledge, you can easily avoid buying a low-quality cover.

Is the caravan cover waterproof?

A waterproof surface is usually used on top, and water-resistant material is used on the sides. The seams are not sealed. There should be some air circulation. This is because the bottom is open, and trapped water or steam needs to escape. There is no intention to repair a leaky roof with these covers.

Do they scratch windows?

Whilst occasionally minor abrasions can occur to plastic/acrylic windows when a caravan cover rubs or flaps against them, this only happens when you don’t have the correct sized cover. In order to prevent such damage from occurring a snug fit is ideal for avoiding flapping, adjustable straps are included in the covers we sell.

Remember to consider your budget, the elements to which your caravan will be exposed, and the correct measurements when shopping for a caravan cover for your home away from home.

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