bns gold World PvP is completely optional for players

Posted by upfifa on April 28th, 2016

World PvP is completely optional for players, and is supported by a flagging system manipulated by the use of faction costumes (for example, Blade and Soul gold website Crimson Legion vs Cerulean Order).

Players who wish to actively engage in player battles need to equip faction costumes and will be "flagged". They can then duel with the opponents who Blade and Soul gold website wear the opposite faction's costume freely. The character's name changes to red as well as the names of other players wearing the costume of different factions. Players will not be able to attack players whose names are not red, and when flagged they will be open to attack by any flagged players of the opposing faction. A player not wearing a faction outfit cannot be attacked.

Swapping out gear while in combat is Blade and Soul gold website not allowed, and changing from a faction costume to a neutral costume takes 5 seconds. Changing from a neutral to a faction costume is immediate.

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