5 Types of Fandom Jewelry That Can Turn Heads This Holiday Season

Posted by James W Smith on October 19th, 2021


The holiday season has come knocking! Time to enjoy it uniquely by sporting different looks inspired not only by fashion but also fandom! What\'s the perfect way to do that? Wearing the best jewelry pieces designed to celebrate the tales of your favorite fandom characters. That would also make you feel as special and powerful as these characters on any occasion.

So, here are the top 5 types of fandom jewelry to put you under the spotlight this holiday season. 

1. Fandom Diamond Jewelry Set

Ready to get all dressed up as your favorite fandom character? Check out standalone pieces of a particular fandom universe that have a matching design. Buy them together for a great fandom diamond jewelry set. 

For instance, if you\'re getting ready for Halloween, a Goth look will be perfect. So, explore Star Wars fine jewelry online. Here are some pieces that would certainly say that the “force” is with you:

  • Dark Armor pendant necklace, stud earrings, and ring from Star Wars jewelry.
  • Guardians of Light women\'s earrings, pendant necklace, and ring as a set of women’s Star Wars fine jewelry.

But, why should the Star Wars universe only be for women? Here are some pieces that can help men bring out their inner Jedi:

  • Star Wars Carbonite pendant necklace, ring, and bracelet for a Star Wars fine jewelry men\'s set.
  • The Stormtrooper men\'s pendant and ring in ceramic silver and black diamonds as a set for a powerful look.

Also, check out fine diamond jewelry from the Disney universe. Shop for:

  • Cinderella\'s carriage earrings, pendant necklace, and ring
  • Snow White bow ring, pendant necklace, and earrings
  • Elsa snowflake bracelet, ring, earrings, and pendant necklace
  • Ariel shell pendant necklace, earrings, ring, and bracelet

2. Fandom Diamond Pendant Necklace

If you want a fandom necklace to be your statement piece this holiday, then choose a stunning design based on your favorite fandom. Explore:

  • Star Wars Rebel Women\'s diamond pendant necklace
  • Star Wars R2 series men\'s pendant necklace
  • Maleficent wing pendant necklace
  • Belle rose pendant necklace
  • Aladdin\'s magic lamp pendant necklace

3. Fandom Diamond Bracelet

Time to adorn your hand with the sparkle of your favorite fandom character. Whether you wish to bring out the warrior or the royalty in you, you can find just the right bracelet online. So, feel free to explore:

  • Star Wars A Jedi\'s Mark women\'s bracelet in black rhodium and silver
  • Star Wars The Odds men\'s bracelet with black onyx beads and black diamonds
  • Jasmine bracelet in Swiss blue topaz and diamond
  • Aurora diamond bracelet in rose gold and sterling silver
  • Tinker Bell diamond bracelet in sterling silver

4. Fandom Diamond Earrings

Want to make a unique fashion statement this holiday season with exclusive fandom diamond earrings? Then explore:

  • Star Wars Light X Dark women\'s earrings with chrome diopside and diamond accents
  • Star Wars Threepio Series diamond stud earrings for women in yellow gold
  • Mulan dragonfly, butterfly, or pagoda earrings
  • Rapunzel dangle earrings in Rose De France and diamonds
  • Ursula earrings with amethyst and black and white diamonds

5.  Fandom Diamond Rings

Why leave out your beautiful fingers when embellishing yourself with the power and glow of your adored fandom character? Here’s what you can look for to help you with this:

  • Star Wars Galactic royalty diamond women\'s ring in rose gold
  • Star Wars The Wookiee men\'s ring and pendant in black rhodium and silver
  • Cruella live-action ring in garnet and diamond on black rhodium and silver
  • Tiana water lily tiara ring with peridot and diamond
  • Anna diamond ring in yellow gold and white gold

Whether you are shopping for yourself or to gift a loved one, buy online from a store that provides official licenses with the branded jewelry. You can then enjoy affordable prices, attractive discounts, a plethora of trending designs, and sometimes even free shipping on a minimum order value with easy returns.

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