Let’s Learn About Aromatic Ratlami Sev Namkeen

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Ratlami Sev is a very delicious and deep-fried snack. It is savory, tangy, and crispy noodles made with gram flour (named besan) and odorous spice powders. It is very light, and one of the most famous snacks eaten by all Indians throughout the world and mainly given more fame on Indian festivals such as Holi and Diwali.

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Commonly, \'The festival of Diwali\' is recognized as \'The festival of sweets\' yet it is not true at all, spicy dishes also have an important part in the Diwali menu. So, all you need to do is buy ratlami sev online to add to your menu. On \'The festival of Diwali and Holi, when relatives, colleagues, and family take a visit to meet you and wish Diwali greetings, offer them a plate full of Sweets and savory spicy ratlami sev. They will surely relish having sweets and tempting goodies one by one. You can combine more tempting and sweet delicacies into your menu.

Several Gujarati women made a large quantity of Sev, plain, spicy, tangy throughout the Diwali period. After all, it is very simple to make, remains preserved for longer, and can only be prepared just with some primary ingredients that can be seen simply in all Indian kitchens. If you won\'t prefer it prepared at home, you can buy ratlami sev online along with some other things like papad, khaman and many more.


Ratlami Sev is a very famous snack that originated from the Indian city Ratlam of Madhya Pradesh. Sev prepared in Ratlam is quite traditional and one of the most savory snacks can be seen in India. Normally, sev is prepared with a pair of spices though in Ratlami Sev, you can get very few spice powders and again sev is sprayed with tongue-tickling flavoring to get this sev even more tasty, tangy and delightful.


Ratlami Sev is very delicious, also vegan, and gluten-free. This is not a healthful snack or can be cooked.

Way to store Ratlami Sev

Store the Ratlami sev in a clean and dry airtight container and put it at room temperature only. In this way, it will stay crisp, fresh, and crunchy for almost 2-3 weeks. So, now you can enjoy a tasty, spicy, tangy snack all the time. And also combine more things like masala papad, patti and whatever you want.


Although Ratlami is one of the very tasty snacks with delicious aromatic flavor. If you won\'t prefer preparing it at your home. Now, you can enjoy Ratlami sev online, by buying it online. Store it at your home and eat it. Enjoy the tangy, tasty, and spice flavor at home.

It can be eaten all alone or can be eaten with some hot or cold beverages as per your taste. After all, everyone has a different taste. But all love eating Ratlami sev. Some people serve it with well chopped raw onion, pomegranate seeds, and green coriander.

Conclusion: -

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