What Are the New Trends in Mobile Application Development?

Posted by Nextbrain Technologies on October 21st, 2021

Is it still about colors, interfaces, widgets, and graphics? Or, is it all about location-based services, apps, smart phones, augmented reality, digital signage, and geolocation-based services? If you asked any prominent business person in the mobile world what are the new trends in mobile application development, most would probably tell you that these are the most exciting times in mobile history.


According to leading IT Trends magazine, the four technology trends that are happening right now at the moment are Activity Recognition System (ARS), Botox, Cloud Computing, and Consumer Electronics. Let\'s discuss each one. To better understand each one, let\'s take a closer look at each category:


Activity Recognition System: With the introduction of Google Voice, Google Now on Android, as well as other high-end smartphones and tablets, consumers are expecting more from their mobile apps. One such feature being anticipated is activity recognition, which entails having users double-tap on the home button twice to have a notification on their phones about \"asks you want done.\" Other devices may utilize facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, or other biometric authentication options. The system will ask for permission first, and then perform the requested task. This trend will definitely increase with more devices supporting this biometric authentication feature.


Botox: The cosmetic surgery and pharmaceutical industry has long been using Botox as a way to curb aging. It has recently found its way into the world of mobile apps, though, where it will play a big role as the next big on-demand app. The medical professionals will administer Botox to patients who will require the anti-aging treatment via their smartphones, tablets, or laptops (an \"appointment\" would probably be required in most cases). As the technology becomes more common, expect even more on-demand apps in the future.


Cloud Computing: Although it hasn\'t really caught on yet, cloud computing is an exciting new technology that will revolutionize mobile applications like no other technology in history. In layman\'s terms, cloud computing is basically a big database center that stores all the data on your device for you, allowing you to quickly access information whenever you need it. Some examples of these types of on-demand apps include data backup services, mapping services, e-mail services, and other similar services that you can pay for by the minute instead of by the hour.


Voice Recognition & Biometric Authentication: In addition to the previously mentioned services mentioned above, there are now new technologies that will allow users to control their mobile apps with only the use of their voice, without having to touch the screen. These voice recognition applications will work like any other VoIP application, where the user simply speaks into a microphone and the application figures out what they are trying to say. With biometric authentication and voice recognition on the other hand, these two technologies will allow the user to login to their app from anywhere, as long as they have their smartphone with them. No longer will they have to type in a code or log in via a USB port. With this technology however, we could soon see future applications for things like voice recognition when logging into our Facebook account, or controlling what our kids are able to do on the internet. 

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