10 Common Travel Mistakes That May Ruin Your Holiday – With Tips to Avoid Them

Posted by Rex Conner on October 21st, 2021

Travelling is all about experiencing the unseen, whether it is your next foreign vacation or you are a nomadic adventurer, it is hence no news that you may face a few obstacles along the road. These mishaps may possibly make your trip let-down and cost money as well. But with a little preparation and the knowledge gathered from these frequent travel mishaps, you may sit back and enjoy your journey without a hassle. For instance, if you are travelling to Milan, do not forget to book and check out the best 5 star hotels in Milan beforehand.

These useful tips will help you to prevent some of the most usual travel mishaps and let you experience a trouble-free vacation.  

1. Carrying valuables while travelling 

Burglars might be lured to you if you are carrying costly jewellery, cameras, or other valuable goods. Even if stealing isn\'t an issue where you\'re going, it is possible to lose things when travelling; so it is better to leave valuable goods at home. Nonetheless, in case you need to carry certain things, make absolutely sure you do it carefully. Having your wallet, gadgets, or other belongings stolen is the worst thing you would like to face on a vacation, it is thus better to invest in anti-theft bags to prevent such possible scenarios if you want to carry them while travelling.

  1.        Attempt to overpack

Overpacking begins with the selection of a relatively large travel bag or luggage. It can be enticing to pack clothing for every potential situation, but this makes it harder to travel with your bags. It may also increase the incurring expensive luggage expenses if you surpass the weight limit by chance. A smart move in this situation would be starting with a carry-on bag and upgrade only if necessary. This practice will assist you in narrowing down your choices to the essentials.

  1.        Making an unrealistic schedule

When you cram too many activities or locations into one single holiday, you tend to limit your options. While planning your itinerary, be sure to leave some extra time so you may engage yourself in the environment of the neighbourhood you\'re visiting. Take time to breathe and enjoy the most of what each location has to offer.

  1.        Dining near popular tourist destinations

Coffee shops and eateries close to famous tourist destinations will almost certainly be more costly than those a bit further away. If you go where the locals prefer to dine, you\'re more likely to discover a greater variety of more reasonable and authentic cuisine. Do some pre-trip research on the location or contact your accommodation provider for recommendations once you arrive. Instead of travelling the very same well-worn road as other visitors, this local knowledge is frequently useful, providing you with a greater sense of the culture and more engaging interactions.

  1.        Neglecting your travel insurance coverage

There are a variety of factors that might make travelling quite unpleasant, including medical issues as well as travel logistics. If you want to ensure that all of your things are safe, you need to develop a strategy for insuring any mishaps that may incur while travelling. There might be possibilities where you may take part in activities that aren\'t insured if you don\'t fully comprehend the terms of services of your travel insurance coverage. Having proper knowledge of the insurance will allow you to travel and cherish with a sense of security.

  1.        Posting every travel update on social media sites

You may want to share as much as possible on social networking sites when you\'re capturing stunning photographs and enjoying every moment of your vacation, but it\'s yet another typical travelling blunder that many tourists make. While travelling, it is a good practice to minimize the time you spend online. If you do intend to share anything on the internet, make sure to set the privacy options properly. Oversharing on social media can also reveal that you\'re away from the home, which might put your residence in danger of being burgled.

  1.        Not exchanging local currency prior to your trip

In most locations, you\'ll require local money as soon as you exit the airport to take public transit or a taxi ride. Do some prior research to get a sense of the amount it may cost to take public transportation vs. a cab, and then exchange the money accordingly. You will receive higher exchange rates if you withdraw money from the airport terminal ATMs, make sure to collect the amount you require with a little more in case of emergencies. Choose the amount you want to withdraw based on the country\'s customs, your schedules, and your bank’s international transaction charge policy.

  1.        Leaving your bank uninformed about your vacation

Most banks have automatic fraud-prevention policies in effect, and if you utilize your card in a foreign country without warning, your card may be detected and temporarily suspended. There is nothing more terrifying than being blocked out of your savings account when travelling abroad and without access to funds. However, avoiding this unpleasant scenario is quite simple. Simply contact your bank and credit card provider ahead of time to let them know when you\'ll be away and where you\'ll be travelling. Many card issuers even provide travellers with several perks and exclusive deals on travel insurance as well.

  1.        Having improper visa documentation

It can be difficult, time-consuming, and perhaps put an end to your journey if you are turned away at a foreign checkpoint. If your trip needs a visa, make sure to check all of the information on the visa, such as the spelling of your name and your intended entrance date, and fix any inaccuracies as soon as feasible.

  1.    Assuming your phone is internationally compatible right away

To prevent paying high roaming charges, it\'s crucial to understand what your cell phone plan covers. Every carrier has its own foreign travel policies. It might involve getting a prepaid plan with a defined amount of call time and texts or getting a local SIM card to make calls while travelling.


Travelling overseas has its drawbacks, but with proper planning, you may easily avoid them. Being prepared keeps you away from stress and might prevent your vacation from becoming even more ruined if unexpected situations arise.

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