How WPC board can make your kitchen elegant?

Posted by Amulyamica on October 22nd, 2021

Modular kitchens have become increasingly popular for urban settings in recent years, leaving traditional procedures and materials behind.

These new-age WPC kitchens are pre-fabricated, as WPC produces pre-finished outcomes and provides a ready-to-use application option! It\'s a unique option that can be adjusted to your needs, offering a lot of variety and flexibility when it comes to designing a straight, L-shaped, or U-shaped kitchen arrangement.

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WPC cabinets come in modular or semi-modular configurations. Regular kitchens, on the other hand, are carpentered on-site, and the design, material selection, and final finish are typically dependent on the carpenter\'s expertise. However, with WPC, you have the advantage of being able to build, edit, and remake using a simple plug-and-play installation. 

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Here are some of the benefits of using WPC Boards to decorate your kitchen.

1.  Aesthetic Look:

When a material like WPC is used, modular kitchens have a smooth, high-end, sumptuous appearance! Colours, laminates, and glazes can be combined to create a kitchen space that modifies your sensibility while also blending in with the overall aesthetic themes of the room.

2.  Better Space Management:

The Urban Kitchens are developed by professionals who use WPC to create useful spaces that don\'t clog up traffic areas. Because it ensures good outlining, a functionally fluid layout, a de-cluttered vibrant appearance, and creative space usage with orderly storage.

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3.  Precise Customization:

To create a specific place for cutlery plates, utensils, jars, seasonings, vegetables, and garbage folders, modular additions are matched onto the WPC cabinets and drawer units. With additions like whimsical corner carousels, even the end nooks that are often cramped due to the cabinet\'s bottoms can be converted into a conveniently useable place.

4.  Ease of Maintenance:

Modular kitchens made from WPC Boards are termite-resistant, and the parts are simple to replace or change if they become damaged. Kitchens built of plywood can last a lifetime if they don\'t absorb any moisture, however, kitchens with MDF as the filler material will require careful handling while opening and closing drawers/shutters, which can be a real pain.

 WPC ensures that cabinets in moisture-prone places, such as the sink cabinet compartment, have an outer solid finish that matches the rest of the kitchen design, and that the interior layers are lined with a 1-mm-thick aluminium sheet to form a waterproof membrane for priceless enjoyment. Going for modular kitchens that are carried on sturdy WPC legs at least 6 inches above the floor is a good alternative for water protection.

WPC adds value by establishing a high-quality apparatus that is rust-proof and prevents moist vessels within the cabinets, preventing fungus proliferation.

Amulya Mica is a noted WPC board manufacturer in India.

5.  Ready Options:

Wall units, draw drawers, cabinets, tall storage of various sizes, and permanent places for built-in appliances are all included in the standard kitchen modules. In terms of colours, designs, and glazes, there are a plethora of options to choose from. Countertops, cabinets, as well as drawers made of WPC, can also be laminated or painted.

6.  Easy Installation:

WPC Kitchen modules are delivered to the job site in a prefabricated, ready-to-assemble framework that is simple to transport and erect. This frees you from the tedious carpentry work, annoying noise, and obnoxious dust that are unavoidable during the construction of a kitchen space.

Another benefit is that the complete kitchen may be stripped and re-installed at a different location with plug-and-play installation, even if you plan to move your home.

 Amulya Mica is one of the most distinguished WPC board brands in India.

7.  Easy to Clean:

A well-organized kitchen space design is always appealing, and WPC boards make it simple to manage. Kitchen cabinets and countertops can be gently wiped and cleaned with a non-toxic liquid solution as part of routine maintenance. Make it a point to clean the grime from the hooks/hinges and courses on a regular basis to ensure consistent performance.

8.  Strong Screw Holding:

WPC kitchens must be sturdy, long-lasting, and extremely useful. The process channels, rollers, and hydraulic hinges and rollers used for drawers and shutters can be handled purposefully, providing tremendous support for hinges/screws.

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