Connex Video ? The most sought after UAV Wireless Video Link Solution

Posted by ph on April 28th, 2016

With the evolution of drones all across the world, there are several applications where they have proved their worth. From carrying out surveillance job to product delivery, they present a wonderful way to make life easy. But one shouldn’t forget about one thing that it is only due to use of high-end technology which makes them move from one place to another. As the primary objective of a drone is to capture an aerial view of a region, it contains a camera for this purpose.

Typically the data can be stored on flash cards or disks for later usage. But what if the situation demands real time monitoring? This is where ConnexHD Video solution plays a pivotal role in making this possible. There are many situations that demand real time monitoring such as fire fighting, sports, adventures, rescue work or any other situation. This technology is primarily responsible for transmitting HD video from the drone to the receptor at the base. By using the video, respective professional can take necessary actions. Few such examples are inspecting wind mills, fire fighting, and rescue operations.

As drone can reach almost everywhere, they emerge out as a wonderful way to perform a lot of tasks that no other person or machine can do. They are light-weight, easy to maintain, and most importantly capable of capturing HD videos.

Delivering full HD video quality with zero latency transmission, the plug-and-play CONNEX Video Link is perfect for inspection, aerial photography, and other professional applications that require real-time control of a camera and drone.By combining the capabilities of these enabling technologies, video-equipped drones can be customized to meet the specific needs of security tasks, including infrastructure security inspections and search-and-rescue operations.

Be it inspection or carrying out a crucial rescue operation, these machines are really doing their job proficiently. They eliminate the need of human involvement and thus save lives and cost too.

Drones can be deployed in few minutes – not hours or days – to quickly support operations in the grave early phases. This ability to get into action quickly interprets into less operational disruption and cost in the case of infrastructure inspections, and into quicker searches for people, helping constrain the size of the area to be searched.

Technologies such as Connex Video have been driving the evolution of a new era in drones industry

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