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Posted by Sunboost on October 22nd, 2021

Solar power setup can be easily incorporated into your houses, and the power generated by it can be easily utilized in everyday consumption. This system can be incorporated with your main grid electricity too, and that setup is called an on-grid system.

Solar power systems are also called PV systems as they use photovoltaics to generate energy. In simple words, the sun emits solar energy-containing photons, which are converted into electricity when received by solar panels. Here, solar panels act as transducers or machines which convert one form of energy to another.

Operate on solar energy as photons collide on the solar panels, and the panels absorb the energy rather than reflect it. Then, they convert the solar energy into a beam, and the beam converges into a small area. This energy is finally converted into electricity and stored in the batteries, which you can utilize eventually.

Solar power is eco-friendly, as well as energy-efficient. So, if you switch to solar power, you will find that your electricity bills have decreased surprisingly!

Ways To Save Money With Residential and Commercial Solar Solutions by Sunboost


Residential Solar Systems

With the enormous risks of global warming and natural resource depletion looming on us, the smart thing is to look for alternate sources of energy to reduce our carbon footprint. In an effort to do so, more and more households in Australia are switching to solar energy Thus, residential solar systems are one of the bestsellers that we offer here at Sunboost.

• Solar Energy Systems For Small Homes

We offer residential solar systems in various sizes because we know your house requires a unique and customized hybrid solar solution. Thus, for small homes, we have a lucrative package that will provide you will several components like solar panels, inverters, solar mounts, etc.

• Solar panels (14 X 370W = 5,180W of Solar Panels Power Output)

Solar panels are one of the most basic and cost-effective devices, and it has many benefits to serve. It is made of long black coloured panels usually installed at the top of the house and placed to the side where there is abundant sunshine throughout the day. It generates about 1.5 kW of energy per day, but this also depends on weather conditions, panel, and house size. For small homes, we will give you a tier 1 Solar Module with 25 years of panel linear output warranty.                

• Solar inverters

These act as transducers that will change the output current from solar panels to a usable form of current to power up your homes.

• Mounting Kit

Our solar energy systems come with their specialized mounting kits so that your setup can be placed at a proper area in your house where there is abundant sunlight. The mounting kit includes flexible roof mounting equipment with three types of locks, and they are made of corrosion-resistant material so that rain doesn\'t bother your solar system!

• Installation

• Solar energy systems for medium homes

If you’re worried the solar system for small homes will not be enough for your house, we have another option for you. Our medium-home range of solar systems provides solar panels with over 6 kW of power supply. Solar energy systems for big family homes

If you have a huge family with each member using different kinds of appliances, chances are you will need an efficient and large-sized solar setup.

Commercial Solar Systems

Our premium solutions for commercial solar energy requirements are perfect for those of you who want a reliable, energy-efficient, and reasonably-priced solar system for your factories. We at Sunboost know that every commercial complex requires a unique solar system setup. So, we offer three types of solar system solutions for you—small business, large corporate, and massive business plans.


• Small business solar systems

• Large corporate solar systems

• Massive business solar systems


We are most used to reading about technical innovations like solar energy in science fiction, but now, Sunboost is bringing solar energy to your homes. But solar energy is no longer a distant dream—it is available in the market and ready for use. So, don’t question your choices and just go for it. Invest in this great tech, try solar energy, and save serious bucks!

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