What do you need to know about Safe Search on Tumblr App?

Posted by Richard Baker on October 22nd, 2021

Users of Tumblr are well aware of the Safe mode message on particular links and blogs. While it can be frustrating, users also know that it safeguards them from being exposed to indecent or explicit content; such messages keep flashing. These are warning messages from Tumblr. Practically speaking, the Tumblr app on your Android or iOS device has a safe search characteristic. The Safe Search on Tumblr App is meant to keep users from accessing content from unwanted content.


Let us know more about Tumblr’s safe search mode and why it is of the essence, and how to disable it.


What is Safe mode on Tumblr?


The objective of the Safe Mode is to filter out content that is not safe for viewing by adolescents, teenagers, and kids – basically anyone less than eighteen years of age. The app comes with the Safe mode on by default. The content that is featured under the Safe mode category is called NSFW or Not Suitable For Work. The content featured in this category is generally sexually explicit content, images, memes, videos, etc., that are shared uninterrupted by Tumblr users. However, marketers and advertisers generally do not support such content, so the app segregates these content types as NSFW.

The good thing is that users can disable the Safe Mode when viewing the content on their laptop, desktop, or smartphone. However, every time you wish to view the content, you must switch off the Safe mode. There is no way to save the disabled Save mode.


Can you change your Reddit username?

Once your Reddit username is created, you cannot change it. If you wish to change your Reddit username, you will need to deactivate the account and create a new username. However, please note that you have the option to change your display name on Reddit.

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