Difference Between Traditional and Contemporary Plantation Shutters

Posted by Richard Baker on October 22nd, 2021

In the current scenario, plantation shutters in Miami are on demand because of its huge trend. Plantation shutters are now becoming quintessential for commonplaces because of their luxurious appearance and edgy visuals. Plantation shutters in Miami embody several attributes. Whether it\'s extremely cold or hot weather, the plantation shutters always maintain proper balance in the home by maintaining temperature.  They also help maintain the life of upholstery in Miami. Plantation shutters are known for their shiny, clean, and beautiful well-rugged tiled wooden louvers. It can be compared with the slats on blinds, but these shutters are attached with window frames to offer door-like functionality. 

Wooden plantation shutters are available in wide ranges; they have a myriad of reliable and cost-effective resources. Many people try to grab and recommend more traditional plantation shutters. Traditional plantation shutters are made of pivotal components like wood and teak. These shutters inculcate specific characteristics which don\'t allow the addition of contemporary elements like jarring.

Difference Between Traditional and Contemporary Plantation Shutters

Louvers- The louvers are also recognized as the slats. Both traditional and Plantation window shutters are handy and flexible. Its moveability permits adjusting, relocating and regulating the desired amount of lightning required by the residents. In contrast to traditional shutters, plantation shutters include wider louvers available in width from 1.7/8 to 5.5 inches. Normally, the common range of louvers comes with a width range of 2.5, 3, or 3.5 inches. People prefer wider louvers in residences that have large windows. These shutters are capable enough to diffuse large amounts of light, and it provides expansive views. Plantation louvers are more rigid than flat louvers.


Choices- With the support of wood, the plantation shutters are created, but it is also available in the synthetic constructions. An individual can further make choices out of the wide range of colors and designs dependent on the manufacturer. It generally comes in white color. In traditional shutters, they are always created with woods, but they come in painted or in stained form. Traditional shutters are always available in the ideal size, or the sizes can be modified or revamped according to the residents\' requirements. As a result, both shutters can be inserted on both the window frame\'s interior and exterior. They both provide a great way to expand the life of your upholstery Miami.

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