What Type of Cat Scratcher Can You Buy for Your Cat?

Posted by Brenda Ana on October 22nd, 2021

There have been many debates about which cat scratcher is the best or why crystal cat litter is better than others. There are no simple answers when dealing with your pets’ needs. So you just have to put in the work and do some very serious research before taking any major decision. But also make sure that your pet is ok with what you choose. Sure, you might have to go through a few bad choices until you get it right, but always know that your feline friend will thank you for it.

Why to Switch from Other Types of Litter to Crystal Cat Litter?

There has been a great debate going around the pet-owning community about which litter is better for cats. Some argue that clay is the best option while others prefer wood-shavings or even regular old sand. Because the debate has been going on for so long, new materials have emerged onto the market, and tend to be pulling ahead of the other “contenders”. But people still aren’t entirely sold on these new solutions. There are a lot of risks involved in changing your cats litter, and making the wrong choice could mean lost money, a grumpy pet and a quite disgusting problem to deal with. So why do people change from one type of cat litter to another? https://www.petshopdirect.com.au/shop/category/cat-litter-crystals Contact us  and discover all the available options.

Well, the people that choose crystal cat litter over clay, for instance, say that it is easier to handle and needs to be changed far more rarely. Clay is one of the oldest types of litter on the market. And because it is so old, lots of people think it is because it is the best. In fact, clumping clay was used as litter in the first place because it was cheap and very widely available. But there are problems with it. Firstly, as the name says, it clumps up when wet. This makes it heavier and thus more hard to handle. Also, ingesting it can harm your pet. Cats tend to “wash” themselves when they leave their litter box. Clay stuck to their fur and paws can be accidentally swallowed, which can cause serious health problems like intestinal blockages.

Another type of litter people used before switching to crystal cat litter are pine pellets. These are actually made out of sawdust from pines, compacted into tiny pellets. The biggest clay to fame these pellets had before silica litter was discovered was the fact that they neutralized odors fairly well. But they do have multiple downsides, when compared to more modern alternatives. Their biggest drawback is that they do not absorb fecal smells. They work great for urine, but not very efficient with poop. Also, cats tend to not bury their feces in pellets. Pellets also have to be changed quite often, because as the pellets breakdown back into sawdust, they become soaked in liquid and need replacing.

Cat owners around the worked have been looking for years for solutions before crystal cat litter appeared. One such solution was using paper as litter. The principal is simple: any kind of old paper can be ground up and pressed into pellets, just like the pine ones. This works great especially for older cats that need something softer on their paws, or cats that have sustained injuries and could be aggravated by rougher litter. Unfortunately, this type of litter doesn’t really do what it is supposed to do. Yes, it is good for when you don’t have anything else, but be aware that it doesn’t stop odors well, it breaks down really fast lasting less than any other litter and it also doesn’t clump in order to trap moisture.

What Type of Cat Scratcher Can You Buy for Your Cat?

To any feline pet owner, the cat scratcher is among the most important investments he will make in the comfort and joy of their pet. But choosing the right scratcher can be tricky, especially with new owners. Luckily, there are more than enough options on the market, you can visit https://www.petshopdirect.com.au/shop/category/cat-scratching-post Petshopdirect.com.au  and see. For instance, one can sort thru these options according to the materials used. Some pet owners are partial to buying only scratchers made out of all-natural materials, such as wood and hemp string. Others are ok with using scratchers that have other materials in the, such as plastics and metals. They provide a greater range of things for the cat to play with and also can be as safe as any other scratcher on the market.

Another way any pet owner can choose the right cat scratcher is according to the elements it has. For instance, some might prefer something on the simpler side. A simple post wrapped in rope will suffice but other owners might go for the more elaborate designs. Some will want to provide for their cat a whole entertainment area. This is why scratchers can have dangling toys or treat release systems built in them. Also, all cates love to just lay around. The people that make the scratchers know this and have made them with ample room where to take a short nap. Pads and hammocks can be added, if they aren’t already a part of the scratcher.

All cats love their scratchers and that’s why their owners try and find the best one for them. They also choose the right cat scratcher according to their cats’ preferences. This might sound crazy to someone that doesn’t own cats, but felines are very temperamental and expressive creatures. They can give very strong messages about what they like and dislike. And so, the first thing to know when buying a cat scratcher is what your cat prefers. Luckily, there are even some stores that will let you bring your cat in order to see what catches their attention. Sure, you can go with the tried and tested options, but wouldn’t you prefer to know that your purring pal actually gest something he chose?

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