In fact there's a slight variation on the discussion we had

Posted by FryeJacob on October 25th, 2021

The latest update to RuneScape Mobile gold the world map has filled the gaps. There\'s still ample room for growth, but the lines that run along the edges look more natural and make more sense.

Next step, getting rid of fences (I haven\'t visited Al Kharid yet but I love the design of the map there) and, in particular, the starter zone is a great idea, after which the shrinking of Draynor Manor so it goes with the rest of Scale Theory would make the map much better.

In fact there\'s a slight variation on the discussion we had. Scale Theory should be applied to the entire world. Draynor Manor measures the actual size of the manor. Draynor Village measures a fraction of the size of the village. Clan Camp is way too big relative to Falador, which is a bigger city. There are other examples.

It doesn\'t make sense to expand at a proper size unless you are doing quests. either you have lots of useless space (forests I argued for in the past) or buy OSRS gold you don\'t. Draynor Manor and Clan Camp, two large-scale objects, aren\'t a good fit in the already cramped f2p.

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