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Kinyarwanda is an African Bantu language spoken in Rwanda. It is also known as Ikinyarwanda or Urunyarwanda. As a national language, it is spoken by the whole Rwandan population throughout the country. Along with French and English, it is used as an official language in administration, schools, and the media. Swahili is also widely spoken in Rwanda\'s cities and trade. It is closely related to Kirundi which their neighbors Burundi, Giha, and Western Tanzania speak.

Speakers of Kinyarwanda

Millions of natives speak the Kinyarwanda language in Congo. It is a language spoken by 10 to 12 million people in the area. Because this is a Congolese official language, it is used not only in administration but also in educational institutions and business hubs. These individuals are Rwandans as well as members of other communities from neighboring countries such as Burundi. There are several unique verbs in this language, as well as a variety of other languages. This is not an endangered language but it is a rare language because the number of speakers is less than other famous languages.

Significance of rare languages

It is impossible to overestimate the value of languages. They act as a significant communication tool and serve as a vital link between people. Humans improve and rise above other species as a result of their ability to communicate. If it hadn\'t been for languages, we would have been like wild animals with no means of communicating. More than only new words and accents make up a language. It\'s akin to sponges, which absorb culture, ceremonies, and traditions on their own. Generations carry on their culture through the literature of a certain language.

 Its symbols and lettering are works of art for its residents. In the hands of people who speak it, language is alive and well. They\'ve lost sight of the fact that their audience is shrinking. Humans and other living things, like languages, require care and attention. To escape extinction, they also require someone to keep them alive in their imaginations. Many languages have existed for millennia. However, they are on the edge of extinction. For example, there are over 3000 languages with fewer than 10,000 speakers. And the number is steadily decreasing.

Is it hard to learn Kinyarwanda?

If you’re thinking to visit Congo then you should think to learn a little bit about Kinyarwanda. Most people think that it is difficult to learn rare languages, which is true somehow, because there is not a lot of material and instructors available. But language itself is not that hard.    

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