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Posted by YOMA Business Solutions on October 26th, 2021

Have you ever come across the best services of manpower consultancy? Well, stating the obvious, a manpower consultancy services revolves around providing staffing solutions for organizations to build their manpower but here are some of the best services they can offer.

This process involves outsourcing services which provide the best lot of human capital to a company through staffing and recruitment agencies. It enables the company to build human resources that can achieve an organization’s workload for which the services are being provided. 

Manpower Consultancy Services has been growing tremendously around 10% in the last couple of years and rightfully so! You will be shocked to know that the recruiting and manpower service outsourcing market is worth over 30,000 crores in India.

Did you ever know about the demand of manpower supply? If not, here’s what you should know about their growth:

According to the findings of a research survey conducted among staffing and recruitment professionals, around 83 percent of the respondents expected an increase in temporary placement, and about 50 percent of an increase was witnessed in technology investments among staffing and recruitment firms.

Manpower consultancy is the best one-stop destination for all industries to increase their potential and capacity of developing the manpower of the future. By helping organizations build the manpower they require, these services ensure that their staffing solutions are up to their corporate standards!

Most of these organizations in the contemporary world have started to work on their critical shortcomings. They start by improving on the areas that need immediate attention, they have started to lower the cost of their overall operations! 

In reducing and minimizing all of their overall operational costs, these organizations have started to look for outsourced recruitment or manpower consultancy services to hire temporary and specialized manpower for their company. If you are still not convinced about its benefits, here is a fact that might give you some clarity:

As of December 2019, there are several studies report that on average, 63% of a company’s staff was temporary.

Depending majorly on the service quality of your manpower consultancy provides, you can easily maximize your organization’s growth potential. However, the most significant reason behind the growth of manpower consultancy services is mainly due to an increase in a number of organizations and businesses that are in need of a quality human talent. This is the reason why there are many companies willing to pay a little extra to recruitment companies to identify suitable human resources.

However, with an extensively large network of talent available and inaccessible, it becomes all the more challenging for organizations to find their perfect candidate for the position which is why integrating with manpower consultancies is a life-changing decision for your organization. If you start integrating with the right manpower consultancy that specializes in your industrial sector will help in boosting the work performance of your employees.

Many organizations require different recruiting strategies for various recruiting requirements. It is the variety in the types of recruiting methods that allows the organization to retain the most qualified jobs for the company. Based on the demands of an organization, manpower consultancy services can be systematized and cost-efficient. 

Here are some of the best services that you might want to consider before you narrow down to selecting your manpower consultancy through an exemplary service:

YOMA’s Solutions – the best Manpower Consultancy:

YOMA caters to all of your industry needs of general or industry-specific staffing. Our services are not only reliable but they also allow you to take advantage of cost-effective virtual hiring solutions. Our technologically-driven HR services paired with excellent services and support provide the best of these solutions:

General Staffing Solutions: We offer end-to-end employee management and staffing services to fulfill temporary, contractual, project-based, and long-term manpower requirements.

Industrial Staffing Solutions: Offering industry-specific staffing solutions with well-found expertise in unskilled laborers, technical staff, and specialized skilled workforce. We hire skilled manpower and deploy in the manufacturing units through NAPS to meet the dynamic requirements.

Staff Augmentation: Focusing on keeping your staffing budgets optimized, our solutions provide a flexible outsourcing strategy to hire the best talent across all the profiles and verticals with adherence to statutory compliance.

Managed Services: Putting forth innovative solutions to develop your manpower by enhancing productivity through training, industry-specific deployment, and adherence to compliances. We assure that our services have full transparency in our accountability by providing direct bank account payments for the workforce.  

Shared Resource Program: Focusing primarily on providing management services to the top stores to the FMCG/Consumer goods industry to fulfill the dynamic requirements of operational efficiency. We provide sales promoters and representatives to your stores along with other resources within your budget to target larger areas. We assist in providing daily reports and analytics on a real-time basis, by sharing resources, we optimize the utilization as well as the cost.

Apprenticeship Program: Our affiliation formed with organizations working for the vision of addressing the issue of youth unemployment provides services to upskill the youth to ensure higher wages, better job retention, and opportunities across different industries.



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