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Posted by Max Haler on October 26th, 2021

Making holiday gifts, especially for younger children, can be a far more meaningful experience for them than buying them. We\'ve compiled a list of easy-to-make DIY holiday gifts that kids can make (or help make!).

Here are just a few Best Art Gifts for Kids CT, kids can make, with ideas for all ages. From colorful tile coasters to glitter salt dough snowflakes, handprint art to pencil cups for teachers, a frame fashioned out of straws to even a homemade steak rub dad would appreciate, here are just a few homemade gifts kids can make.

Bookmarks: Now, there are two (possibly more) methods to build these – one that is incredibly easy, as shown in the pictorial guide here, and one that is a little more challenging – but not too much.

Tissue Art: You wouldn\'t think this exquisite art was created by children because it looks like it was created by a professional artist.

You only need three items for this Best Art Gifts for Kids CT: different colored tissue paper, a canvas, and a spray bottle. Spray the canvas a few times until it\'s quite wet. Then cut the tissue paper into various shapes and arrange them on the wet canvas (it\'s okay if they overlap; it\'ll add to the cool effect). Spray these pieces of tissue paper with water and set aside for 20 minutes to allow the colors to bleed. Remove the tissue paper and set it aside to dry.

Sugar Scrub: In a mixing basin, combine all of the ingredients. We used 3 cups of white sugar, 1 cup and 2 tablespoons olive oil, 10+ drops lavender and a few drops food coloring to achieve the desired color. Fill a container halfway with sugar scrub that has been stirred together. To scoop the sugar scrub into the jars, we used huge tongue depressors. Decorate it with ribbon and stickers to make it your own. For the first initial of the person, we were delivering the gift to, we put a letter sticker. Make a card or a small note to go with it and give it as a gift to someone you know who could use a boost!

Popsicle sticks can be used for more than simply dolls. These sticks can be turned into puppets for smaller children. Popsicle sticks and yellow, black, and red paper are required.

Stick dolls made out of ice cream: Stick dolls don\'t require a lot of time or supplies. All you\'ll need are popsicle sticks, markers, and washi tapes. Wrap washi tapes around the stick to form the outfits for the doll. After that, use the marker to sketch the face and other body features. This is where students can be creative, as they can add animals like dogs, cats, birds, and others to the collection.

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