Ten Powerful Ways to Generate Leads Digitally

Posted by Stephen Taylor on October 27th, 2021

For business leaders and marketers, one of the foundation elements of building business is having access to a steady stream of leads. Studies reflect that adequate lead generation is one of the biggest challenges for global businesses today. The lead capturing process is gradually becoming more challenging now as most Google search results pages have become saturated with promotional lead magnets. Lead generation includes a wide range of campaigns, and strategies depending on the platform being used to capture leads. Luckily, new-age technologies like moLotus are assisting brands to generate more leads quickly and effectively.

Over the years these technologies and tools have transformed the way customers perceive, learn, engage, and transact. For instance, more and more businesses are interacting with customers via mobile videos as customers are spending more time on their mobile devices. Therefore, it’s becoming even more important for businesses to cater to their mobile experience ensuring leads. 

Brands are constantly fine-tuning their lead generation strategies to better reach consumers. A breakthrough technology like moLotus is being considered the top tenet of digital and performance-oriented lead generation. The technology goes to the extent of converting the leads via a host of targeted campaigns offering multiple call-to-actions, ultimately generating high ROI

1. Acquire New Customers

Lead generation involves finding and qualifying prospective customers and customer acquisition involves converting those prospects into actual customers. Brands have been desperately looking for suitable tools for the purpose. Lead generation tools like moLotus are helping them with unique customer acquisition campaigns enabling them to convert the leads into actual customers and build a massive customer base. Brands can create and deliver illustrative product videos and offers to attract prospective customers and motivate them to interact with them in real-time.  moLotus keeps every customer response detail like name, address, and other information organized and delivers it to the advertisers in a meaningful format.


2. Embrace Hyper-personalized Marketing

Brands need to ensure that their advertisements are highly effective in lead generation and conversion. New age mobile advertising technology like moLotus comes in handy to them offering personalization options such as name, customized greeting, reward, etc. By creating hyper-personalized moLotus mobile video ads advertisers can engage their customer base better and capture more leads. The platform hyper-personalizes the ads using customer data & intelligence and reaches directly to the customer’s mobile message inbox, without requiring any app or data charges.

3. Use Interactive Communication

Interactive communication is the foundation of performance-oriented lead generation. Studies show that mobile video campaigns with call-to-action attract more leads than other forms of marketing. Therefore, it is advisable for businesses to resort to interactive ads, enabled with advanced customer response options like SMS, call back and clickable links, and more. Platforms, offering such options as moLotus, etc, are already becoming the top choice of popular brands.

4. Focus on Customized Campaigns

In the new world, mass marketing campaigns are no longer successful for lead generation. Therefore top brands are preferring customized mobile video ads offered by moLotus to reach out to the pandemic stuck consumers, ensuring more leads. moLotus is assisting them in targeting different languages, demography, etc. Interestingly, the best platform leverages customer data at micro-levels maximizing lead and revenue generation for businesses.

5. Upsell & Cross-sell More

If a brand is not marketing additional products or services to existing customers, it is missing out on low-hanging fruit. Upselling and cross-selling happen to be the key strategies aiming at increasing customer demand and lead generation. Mobile video advertising via platforms like moLotus comes in handy in running upselling and cross-selling campaigns for brands. They are creating uniquely designed upselling and cross-selling video campaigns, targeting huge customer databases, aiming to capture quality leads, and maximize average revenue per customer.

6. Reward Loyalty

Brands have discovered the tremendous lead generation potential in mobile-based rewards & loyalty campaigns. Such campaigns designed using tools like moLotus could enhance customer experience with brands, build rapport, and offer a tangible reason to stay connected. moLotus videos upto 40-sec are capable of engaging loyal customers, greeting & rewarding them while increasing the possibility of converting them into fresh leads.

7. Offer Convenience to Customers

Convenience adds to lead generation. After the onset of the Pandemic, the way people buy products and services these days has completely changed. Brands and buyers mostly prefer mobile commerce via smartphones. By watching moLotus HQ mobile videos they can easily understand the products and services and conveniently purchase them at home without any human contact. Via moLotus, they can now digitally conduct any necessary product research without feeling pressured to make a decision. Also, customers who don\\\\\'t enjoy dealing with salespeople prefer moLotus mobile videos requiring no face-to-face interaction. 

8. Build Story-driven Lead-generation

Brand story-telling is considered to be an effective way of lead generation. Advertisers can easily create brand stories and generate qualified leads via advertising platforms like moLotus. The non-spam platform is enhancing story-telling by offering rich media-based campaigns including HQ videos that remain in the customer’s mobile inbox until he or she voluntarily deletes them.

9. Using Deep Customer Intelligence

Deep customer intelligence forms the core of lead generation processes. Surveys reveal that technology like moLotus uses partner-customer data with superior customer intelligence; targeting customer data based on business criteria, demographics, interaction, etc. to generate rich customer insights which enable businesses to create and send personalized and customized messages to potential customers attracting more leads. 

10. Run Performance-driven Campaigns 

Real-time performance analysis is crucial for deciding the performance of digital lead generation campaigns. moLotus driven video ad campaigns always give advertisers the opportunity to directly measure the lead generation campaigns’ success. They can easily tweak their lead generation campaigns in real-time, and fine-tune them accordingly. With access to real-time analytics, businesses are capable of enhancing campaign performance, optimizing effectively, and, thus, securing more qualified leads.


If your brand is looking to level up your lead generation efforts and boost results, you would be intrigued by moLotus lead generation potential and all it offers in terms of generating new revenue streams. Unlike traditional methods, performance-driven tools like moLotus are giving advertisers the opportunity to plan better, pay per leads, track performance, and discover new customer acquisition opportunities. You can now design the lead magnet innovatively and earn more revenues at low costs. With all of these perks, it’s no surprise that moLotus’s lead campaigns mark the new standard for digital advertising.

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