Which browser is perfect for you?

Posted by Avijit on August 18th, 2010

Those days are gone, when people using the Internet explorer 6.0 or Netscape Navigator or
even Lynx (a text-based web browser). Now a day, people have a wide choice of browsers.
Development of different operating system also affects the web browser development. For example ? Microsoft Windows XP contains IE version 6.0 but the latest version of Windows
contain IE 8.0.

The browser development will take place when the open source operating systems will capture the market share. Unix like operating systems like ? Linux and BSD have their own web browsers like ? Mozilla Firefox, Konquerer and many more? not only that, major search
engine Google already has a well-established web browser called Google Chrome. Here is a list of most popular browser list -

?    Internet Explorer
?    Mozilla Firefox
?    Google Chrome
?    Opera
?    Apple Safari

You can download Microsoft Internet Explorer from their website; current version of
Internet Explorer is 8.0. Generally it is freely available with latest Microsoft Operating
System ? Windows 7. This browser can freely downloadable from other sites like
Softpedia.com. The standalone version of the browser comes with different language packs
like ? French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and many other language packs. If you need
to try this browser in your language, you have to download one of them and install

Internet explorer 8.0 has great security and enhanced web surfing experience.
Probably the most popular alternative web browser is Mozilla Firefox. It is available for
different Operating Systems like ? Windows, Linux and BSD; today numbers of users choose
this for their favorite web browser. Mozilla Firefox has great features like ? tabbed
browsing, better security and privacy options and hopefully the best option is ? automatic
pop-up blocking. Lastly, Mozilla Firefox has a great support of exclusive extension
directory. Firefox is open source software, that?s why the source code of the software is
freely available on the Internet. Due to that, developers can get the source code and
create their custom extension or plug-ins for more customized browsing experience.
Major search engine Google has developed the advanced browser called ? Google Chrome. It has a different look and feel from other browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Google Chrome has a minimum design features, but it has the best technology and security
features, which makes it faster and safer. Like Firefox, Google Chrome is open source
software and has an extension directory for enhanced browsing experience.

Opera is another most popular web browser available on the Internet. It is available freely
but it is not open source software. Open is one of the oldest browser on Internet. The developers denotes the browser ? ?Fastest Browser of the world?, means it opens the website faster rather than other web browsers; Opera browser available with two different versions,

Desktop or PC edition and Opera MINI for mobile phones; Both the browser free from
licensing cost. Opera has the ability like other popular browsers, such as ? tabbed
browsing, security, pop-up blocking and many more?

Apple Safari developed by Apple and it is comes with MAC OS X. now a day, it is available
for Microsoft Windows. Unlike Firefox and Google Chrome, it does not have extension support
but is more secure and fast than IE. On the other hand, it has better support of CSS and
W3C technologies.

Now the question is ? what browser should I use? The answer is ? if your computer running
with Microsoft Windows, it is recommended that, you can use Firefox or Google Chrome and if
your operating system is MAC OS X, you can use Apple Safari.

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